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Comment Unfortunately (Score 1) 265

I've spent a lot of time in that hospital -- not in their care -- but as a recurrent visitor of friends and family.

Most of the physicians who work there are refugees from malpractice lawsuits.

Based on what we've experienced there, it would be a service to the community to turn the whole place into a nice park with swings and playgrounds.

In this one case, I wish the black hats the best of luck and suggest they raise the ransom.

Comment Re:"Llets you find?" (Score 2) 156

that is soooo close -- almost spot on -- how did you guess?

actually, I wanted to rate it Funny and Coincidentally-I'm-Reading-Soul-Music-Riight-Now but I hit the the Overrated option instead -- the poster never deserved that so I had to post to undo it

(note to self; never drink gin+Campari+Cointreau+lemon while moderating)

Comment Re:Good for him (Score 1) 91

re: hearing -- to keep this from coming across as an ad or spam I encoded it just a little but I'm sure you'll get it; I just got my first one a couple of months ago for less than $250 from a site with same name as a big famous river in South America. If you go there (the site, not the river) search for Tweak Hearing Focus Model. Small design, smart electronics, works great and real people at the seller actually answer the phone if you have questions or need anything. Like all super heroes these do have one vulnerability -- water -- so if you get them keep them dry.

Comment it depends... (Score 2) 379

You might be able to surmise from my username that I could be about 3 years from retirement (as if I would -- I love what I'm doing)

I've always stayed current and learn something new every day. I have found it definitely does depend on the culture of the company you are dealing with but also on the nature of the work. For freelance work, just about everyone I deal with seems quite happy to depend on "the old guy" to get it done, especially if they would consider the project a grind. They know they will get a good result and I can tell it just feels like a safe bet to them.

It happens sometimes that after a few freelance projects a company will want to talk about hiring me full time. On the East/West coast is where I have encountered the "I'm young and smart so you must be old and dumb" attitude. I sure don't take it personally. And in the Midwest decades of experience still counts for plenty and they will wine & dine you to get you go full time.

Comment theft-proof by design? (Score 0) 465

Wasn't bitcoin supposed to be theft-proof by design?

There is some kind of chain of ownership built into each coin, right? So doesn't that mean a "stolen" coins can't really be spent then, because the chain of ownership is part of the coin and the thief will be exposed as soon as they try to use it.

Or something like that. I guess I just don't get it. If anyone can explain I'd appreciate it.

Comment Everything old is new again (Score 3, Informative) 120

Android feels like it is steadily becoming the new Windows.

-- It's showing up everywhere.

-- The version issues hark back to the days of "DLL hell"

-- This drum beat of exploits has a familiar rhythm too.

-- As a multi-platform developer I find I'm always having to reboot my device, and the IDE just to get a clean test run.

Call me a fan boy but iOS is a much better world to work and play in

Comment Re:I have HAD it... TOO (Score 1) 78

I know what you mean in the sense that /. articles are often "olds" instead of news

However for me there are two other considerations;

It may be news to me -- and possibly others -- as is the case with this article

More importantly I usually get more insights on the topic from the discussion it generates than from the article itself

Anyway, thanks for pointing out this is actually "olds" -- good to know!

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