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Comment Re:Ask the engineers (Score 1) 75

Third-party cookies can be disabled in firefox from the settings, it's just not done by default.

Your browser contains enough uniquely identifying information that you can be separated from all other visitors without
using cookies anyway. If websites are not allowed by law to track you, they probably won't. If you take away their third-party
cookies, they'll just use something else (see panopticlick or evercookie).

Comment Re:Ask the engineers (Score 1) 75

There is no such thing as "track cookies", which is why I said engineers should be part of the debate.
A unique identifier (session) stored in a cookie can be used to keep you logged in, to track you, or both. What they choose to do with
the cookie is decided on the server-side and not visible to you.

Unless you're suggesting disabling all cookies altogether, which would explain your posting as an anonymous coward.

Comment Re:If he says its OK (Score 1) 152

Even if they did, they could not use it for mass surveillance. Signing certs on-the-fly would be detected
by most browsers on most relevant websites (through HSTS).

Even for targeted attacks, they would have to have performed MITM forever (i.e. since the victim's OS was installed) to
get away with it.

Comment Not convinced (Score 5, Interesting) 176

I believe the tradeoff of CLI is between working more efficiently (by typing commands and not having to use your mouse too often to interrupt your flow)
and a steeper learning curve (learn commands and their params, config file locations and their syntax etc.).

This shell seems to provide a lot of features that most of the people are not interested in, or already use specialized tools for those tasks. It is unclear to me why would one prefer to use such a shell to execute SQL or modify the DOM of a webpage rather than spawn a full-featured querying tool, respectively Firebug.

Their syntax coloring looks pretty poor, and they seem to ask you to "double-click" whenever you want to do anything. I am currently using terminator + fish, which I can highly recommend. It makes me way more productive, has very interesting completion features and uses a really large number of colors to make things more easily distinguishable.

The fact that you can move things around is quite cool, but I don't see any significant advantages, although I've only watched the first ~6 mins of video. Can someone competent perhaps voice his opinion on what does this bring?

Comment Re:This idea is really BS (Score 1) 277

You have a space of `m' accounts, `n' common passwords and `s' threshold.
The first step is to find a subset of `s' people who all have easy passwords. There is no better
way than to pick all such subsets, so that gives binom(m,s).
For such a subset, you have to try all assignments of passwords. You have s
people, each of which can have one of n passwords. That's s^n tries.
The total time is binom(m,s) * s^n * C, where C is the time it takes to test if your guess is correct.

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