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Comment tabs are pathetic (Score 2) 266

Tabs are an overly simplistic way to track and manage "views". In browsers and in IDEs I encounter daily a situation where I created too many of them and they loose their meaning to me. I wished there was a better way to organize "views" in a more scalable way, while also preserving the history of their creation. I want to be able to navigate them by keyboard (and mouse).

Comment Re:Failure of imagination (Score 1) 370

Maybe the automation is a paradigm shift on par with the introduction of agriculture replacing the hunter and gatherer way of living? Then, some hunter and gatherer were perhaps also making a "luddite" arguments: "Nah, there will always be sufficient forrests/wildlife for everyone to live on. No need to be afraid of the these agriculturites. We have been hunting and gathering for millenia. That'll never change."

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