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Comment Re:On PC, Ubisoft = Suck (Score 1) 518

You can't own a modern game either way. It does not matter if you have a DVD in your hand, you DO NOT OWN THE GAME. You just own the license to play it. The DVD is just a delivery media just like Steam or whatever.

Ubisoft said "teh evil pirates DDOSed our servers", and they might even not lie about it. I remember 5 years ago when Steam came out and everyone was all sweaty about how much it sucked and the servers were unreachable. Fast forward into today, and everyone now says how much Steam is singlehandedly rescuing PC gaming. Double standards, anyone? It's still DRM.

Comment Re:Difference = Artificial OS Tying (Score 1) 518

This bs has left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths.

No it hasn't. People, and I mean the people who buy games and who gaming companies care about, just don't care. And in fact many people are still happily using DirectX9 and XP.

Further more, you have to buy a new gfx card anyway every 1-2 years EVEN IF you are still using DirectX9. Games just put more stuff on screen every year. That's how the industry makes it's money. Although, I'm still playing TF2, thanks you very much :)

And as for the DRM comment, please step away from your Slashdot reality distortion field. Ubisoft games have been best sellers; The majority of people just don't care, and play the games like AC2 happily. But I do agree with you about DRM in general, though. Ubisoft's scheme is pretty much pointless.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 518

If "no one really wants to use it", why are AMD (ATI) and nVidia implementing it then in their hardware? In the past those companies have been succesful, because they have made products people want.Yes it's true, we have to wait for the games that can use it, but so what? It's the same as with DX9 and DX10 before.

Besides you need a lot more than just OpenGL, because you need input and sound right?

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