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Submission + - Wikipedia Banned at College

Zatoichi007 writes: "The NYT is reporting that Wikipedia is now being banned as a source for research at Middlebury College. It seems that the last straw for the college occured when students in a Japanese history class wrongly asserted that the Jesuits aided in the Shambara Rebellion, using Wikipedia as the reference point. Is Wikipedia a valid source for "serious" research or just a starting point to find out what might be interesting about a particular topic?"
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Submission + - Mono commercial applications running on Linux

An anonymous reader writes: With the announce of a Visual Basic port to Linux, many people is being skeptical about whether it is possible at all to run unmodified .NET based applications on Linux. I've been googling for a while and I've just found a company developing a commercial version control system running on Mono/Linux. Take a look at and check also their blog with screencasts at

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