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Comment I've Been Teaching Kodu this Week (Score 1) 510

I've been teaching 10 9-year-olds Kodu Game Lab this week in my home and they love it and are understanding the concepts of event oriented programming while creating computer games. We tried Small Basic but they are all just learning typing and that was a bit of a barrier. Kodu is extremely easy to learn and very fun for kids.


Disclaimer - I work for Microsoft, the creator of Kodu Game Lab and Small Basic.

Michael S. Scherotter

Comment Re:Anything Open Source to replace Flash?? (Score 1) 214

Adobe supported a SVG plug-in for a few years but doesn't anymore. I know that
Silverlight, although closed source, doesn't require the .Net framework at all - it contains a subset of it. Microsoft is supporting it on Windows and Macintosh and working with Novell to support it on Linux.

Before I joined Microsoft (earlier this year), I visited the security response center in Redmond and got the distinct impression that the company takes security very seriously. We know that from our past problems, that we have much to do to regain trust (especially th /. crowd), but it's one of our most important thing that we can do.

Michael S. Scherotter
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