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Comment Dear Mr. Musk... (Score 1) 192

Bravo on Space-X. Bravo on Tesla. But, please stop spending money on autonomous cars. 'Johnny Cabs' are a wasteful mode of transportation and they don't solve the real problem of crumbling infrastructure (crap bridges/highways/roads) and over population (too many cars/buses/trucks and not enough space). Also, stop with hyper loop. A vacuum tube? really? Please put your resources and Engineering talents into helping http://www.skytran.com/ become a reality. Thanks.

Comment ExpressPCB (Score 1) 196

I use their board service and their software and it works great for my little project boards. I can work something up over the weekend, get my order in on Monday, and by Friday I have my boards.


I haven't used them in a while but when I checked their link it looks like they updated the software so I will have to check that out.

Comment Google + skyTran = WIN! (Score 1) 236

Why doesn't Google skip the obsolete car and support skyTran?


Self driving cars are pointless. They do NOT solve the traffic problem. They do NOT solve the crappy road problem. Hauling a ton of steel & plastic along with a few hundred pounds of flesh from point A to point B is NOT very efficient.

Now, imagine if Google helped build a skyTran network in any major city. A new fiber/power/gas/wifi network could be easily added to the build-out to break the last mile strangle hold.

Comment The best option to move forward... (Score 2) 81

A skyTran system is the best option for meeting personal transportation needs in the foreseeable future. Self driving cars are a waste of time/money/engineering because they will take decades to develop and still have to drive on our crappy over-crowded roads. We are running out of room to build new roads to handle the current traffic let alone any future requirements. Also, cars are not very efficient. Why transport 1000s of lbs of steel and plastic just to haul a few hundred lbs of flesh from point A to point B?

Trains and buses fail the usability test because people hate traveling like herd animals all packed into one big crowded and smelly car. People also can't control their travel as much and have to match the train/bus schedule.

I don't see skyTran as replacing the car so much as more of taking the major load off of cars. Commuter traffic would be greatly eliminated in high population zones if all the 9-5 traffic was dumped onto a skyTran.

Imagine jumping in a pod and cruising downtown for the game/concert and then zipping home. No high rise parking structures...no rip-off parking fees. The stadium would have an enlarged hub to handle surges in traffic with ease.

Imagine the competition to UPS and FedEx if new companies could use a Country-wide skyTran. Dedicated hubs could be connected to the system and same day shipping and delivery would be common place.

Imagine a manufacturer with their own hub. They could have skyTran pods delivering parts directly from their suppliers.

Imagine a farmers market fed directly with refrigerated skyTran pods.

Imagine all the fiber which could be laid on top of the skyTran network which provided Gbps Internet while you traveled in comfort.

I have been following the efforts of skyTran for YEARS and I am stoked that they are finally getting to build a system.

Comment Give me an encrypted spool (Score 1) 323

Here is my ideal setup:
  • A black box (like a Roku or similar)
  • TB+ external drive plugged into the black box
  • A 'Now Playing' list of movies/shows

The black box downloads movies/shows onto the hard drive during off-peak hours. They (Netflix, Amazon, whoever) can encrypt the hell out of it...I don't care. I sit down with my popcorn and get to pick from my list. For ~$10/month I have access to the ENTIRE collection of titles and NOT just those licensed for streaming. I think an argument could be made that delivering an encrypted (just for my personal key) copy of the movie is no different then mailing me a blue ray.

No stuttering. No ISP problems. No extortion $$$ to Comcast.

I have a dream...:)

Comment Re:News? (Score 1) 314

If you want to interpret the Constitution as a document/contract which has to spell out everything the Government CAN'T do then you have a serious problem...

The biggest flaw with the Constitution is that it spelled out CAN as well as CAN'T and after 200+ years of lawyers arguing one way and then another it is just about useless now. You don't take your car in for service and tell the mechanic what they CAN'T do just like you don't tell your dentist what she CAN'T do. You tell him to change your oil and rotate your tires...you tell her to just clean your teeth.

Anything beyond the enumerated powers spelled out in black and white is against the Constitution, illegal, and needs to stop.

Comment Re:"Main-in-the-middle"? (Score 1) 276

How about we stop creating a list of things they CAN'T do and instead enforce the list of things we 'supposedly' told them they CAN do? This is my fundamental problem with the Constitution...you do NOT create a document which says you can do this and can't do that but yes to this and no to that. That just creates a system for loopholes and misinterpretation.

Imagine if you had to create a list of the things you did NOT want your mechanic to do when you dropped off your car for an oil change...

Also, I say 'supposedly' because nobody has granted any authority to the US Constitution since the original signers. How much is an unsigned contract worth again? Can you be born into a contract?

Its time to start over...

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