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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Cable Management for Executive Boardrooms?

Elderusr07 writes: I have recently been provided a task to revisit how cable management is performed in a few Boardrooms/Meeting Rooms here in my office for small meetings (3-5 users) along with the main one used by our CEO (Up to 8 users concurrently), Slashdot, what would you consider the best method for implementing proper networking in an Executive Boardroom? Just drop a basic network switch/hub of about 8 ports and then let them connect or is there some other more efficent method that is kept in the dark secrets of the Internet?

Submission + - Your Soul Is In Your Eyeballs (

smickdougle writes: "Where is your ‘self’? Surely the self is an emergent property of physical parts of your body, and, of course, most of these parts are squishy brain parts. I mean, clearly you’re not in your toes — if you lost a few in an unfortunate snake pit accident you would still clamber out of said pit as yourself. And if you lost a leg in an ill-fated whaling mishap, you would still be yourself too, though perhaps a little moodier, and maybe revenge-obsessed. Paul Bloom and Christina Starmans, of Yale Univeristy, published a clever research article last week in the journal Cognition, arguing that children and adults tend to assume the self is in and around the eyes."

Comment Re:killed? (Score 1) 408

I'd mod you up if I had any points left to spend. I think you nailed it on the head, at least from Google's perspective. If some of these ventures pay off, fantastic! Google will look like a bunch of geniuses and make some coin in the process. If none of them pay off...well at least they tried, and now they have an even bigger of pile of patents to stack on top of their giant pile of cash. Not that I agree with this kind of patent-hoarding, but I can definitely see this as a wise business plan (providing patent laws don't drastically change anytime soon).

Comment Re:Line of criminal thought (Score 1) 452

I see what you are saying, but unless Anonymous is using or selling the information they have "stolen", then it's not the same as what you are suggesting. Instead, it's basically the same thing as that show that used to be on TV, where an ex-burglar would break into people's homes just to show them how vulnerable they were, and then at the end of the show they would implement tighter home security. Same thing here.....kinda.

Submission + - Internet Explorer use below 55% (

rfc1394 writes: "Infoworld reports in this article "Internet Explorer's market share continues to drop like a rock. Net Applications published its numbers for May, and Internet Explorer's total share declined yet again, from 55.11 percent in April (see note at bottom) to 54.27 percent in May, a drop of 0.84 basis point in one month. Contrast that with Google's Chrome, which rose from 11.94 percent in April to 12.52 percent in May, an increase of 0.58 basis point. In the past year, IE's share of browser usage has dipped from 60.32 percent to 54.27 percent." So the article asks the question, "How long before IE usage drops below 50%?""

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