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Comment Re:Slippery Slope continues. (Score 1) 305

Isn't due process a constitutionally guaranteed right in the US?

That would be helpful.

True story. In the late 1990s my tax return was offset by several thousand dollars with zero notice. It turns out that an unethical family member had used my wife's SSN to get a loan for college when my wife was 12. This family member then defaulted and ignored warnings for years.

Fast forward a decade or so and the Treasury Department decided to get their money back, so after sending warnings to this family member, they took our joint return. Sadly, I couldn't even get anyone to explain the issue to me because my wife's name did not match the name on the loan, although her SSN did.

The Treasury Department's position was that they gave proper due process to the family member before taking our money.

The situation didn't move until our US Senator spoke to a deputy director at the Treasury Department. At that point the Treasury Department apologized for the misunderstanding and refunded the money.

The sad thing is that without my Senator stepping in, we would have had zero recourse on the matter.

Comment Re:Four-band GSM phones: Use them worldwide. (Score 1) 442

That's fine for voice, but what about 3G? IIRC, there's no phone that works on both T-Mobile and AT&T for 3G.

From what I understand, the Nokia N8 works pretty much everywhere. It also has a micro-USB connector and can even be a USB host, allowing the phone to read and write a thumb drive.

Comment Re:migrate (Score 1) 196

I have to agree. I too live in the Springs and their service is amazing, consistent and fast. Even their techs which they send out have their act together, are polite, friendly, and quick to admit the limits of their knowledge. Truly a joy to work with.

Their phone "support" (and I use that term loosely), on the other hand, is a shining example of mind-numbing stupidity. The phone folks, I kid you not, cannot even give me a listing of the channels available in the potpourri of packages I subscribe to. Really, they can't list the channels. If their internet is having issues (hey, it happens), they cannot accept your word for it until you reboot everything in the house. Their cable modems lock up regularly and one time that I was masochistic enough to call and report it, they made me reboot a server which takes 25 minutes to cycle, before they would accept that I had an issue. Their solution was to replace the cable modem with a new one which poisoned all of the DNS caches until it was "configured" using a Windows machine, which I don't have. Literally, my wife called me at work after she exchanged the modem because the home phone, tivo, internet, Wii, her cell phone and an Xbox360 quit connecting.

In short, if you never have to call 800-I-hate-comcast, their service is fantastic.

Comment Not under VirtualBox (Score 1) 473

I find it frustrating that a more complete list of new features and new versions isn't listed with the announcement. I found this blog posting : http://linux.gauravlive.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat-whats-new/

Gnome 2.32 KDE 4.5.0 (QT 4.7) Default KDE browser Rekonq Pulse Audio is the default sound server Firefox 3.6.9 OpenOffice 3.2.1 Evolution 2.30.3 F-Spot => Shotwell Btrfs now available (though, this is still experimental) kernel 2.6.35-22.33 X.org version 1.9

Don't install it under VirtualBox. VB gets confused about the X software and you lose all of the guest addition goodness.

That said, it didn't like my Acer laptop either and barfed partway through the upgrade leaving my laptop useless. As I write this I am reinstalling from the net onto an iSCSI volume.

Good times.

Comment Re:Missing sources? (Score 1) 161

Didn't the OpenSolaris effort have problems because they were always waiting on Sun to compile certain libc binaries for them?

Is this resolved in Illumos or is there still a binary blob issue?

Apparently, it isn't. From TFA ...

The biggest problem is that an important minority of the code distributed with OpenSolaris is closed source, something that has annoyed the OpenSolaris community for five years. Sun didn't allocate resources to fix this and neither has Oracle.

D'Amore says that a significant percentage of the libc C library (libc_i18n to be precise) is closed, as is the NFS lock manager, portions of the kernel's cryptographic framework and functions, and a bunch of important drives.

So, no, the closed stuff still needs to be written and they don't have it.

Or, you could just read their slides. On the page titled, "Work Done So Far" you can see "Replaced closed bits of libc (including full locale support)"

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