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Comment Re:Wishful Thinking (Score 1) 438

For most business and many users, this is a compelling reason to abandon XP. Most business are unwilling to risk their data and their company's reputation by using software that is no longer supplied with security updates. However, this doesn't necessarily spell new hardware sales. For many businesses and corporations, this is simply the time when a Windows-7 image (that likely has been in development for years) is placed on all machines. Corporations by and large are not using hardware from 8-10 years ago - most of them keep updating hardware every 2-3 years and keep placing XP on this modern machines. The laptops that I used at a large accounting firm 5 years ago was more than capable of handling Windows 7.

For those who haven't caught on to the trend - roughly every other Windows OS is widely adopted. Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows ME - these were all generally avoided. Microsoft simply sells their beta software to the unsuspecting and uninformed, then two years later releases the final product.

Comment Re: rest of the country has lots of freight (Score 1, Interesting) 164

Amtrak is a commuter rail *car* that often times is accompanied by freight. As an experienced Amtrak user myself, on long trips, the train regularly will stop, back up, and pick up freight cars. Sometimes the majority of the train, including the engine, is of the freight variety, with only a few Amtrak cars along for the ride.

Comment Re:yep... (Score 1) 227

I shall correct the poem

The bricks of this dungeon
glitter with blood,
the shades of this
shadow are mist.

the tears that are shed
shall trickle to mud,
as the children are held
with a fist.

Chain and silk
shall be the clothes
for inmates of the cage.

With bread and drink
they will survive,
with loneliness they age.

With woven dreams
and woven thoughts
their woven minds are kept.

In cold gray walls
where they were taught,
among the rats they slept.

Comment Re:yep... (Score 1) 227

Indeed, and to this I offer a poem that I wrote in study hall 18 years ago.

Chain and silk
shall be the clothes
for inmates of the cage,
with bread and drink
they will survive,
with loneliness they age.

With woven dreams
and woven thoughts
their woven minds are kept,
in cold gray walls
where they were taught,
among the rats they slept.

Comment Re:What do you expect? (Score 1) 470

A lot of these claimed incompatibilities are exaggerated. I used to work for the IT dept of one of the Big Four auditing firms. One of my personal projects during my time (against the will of management) was to setup Linux on my laptop and various aspects of our core loadset within Linux. In virtually all of the instances where IE6 was a claimed requirement - Iceweasel worked well with minimal glitches, and IE6 emulated in WINE worked in the few other scenarios. A lot of these decisions are made to appease whiney management and office workers - workers who make service calls because of unplugged printers or because their new Blackberry can't make calls because they never activated it on their carriers network.

Comment Re:wait wait wait! (Score 1) 454

Yes! And the gambling scenario posed in Back to the Future two is completely unreasonable. Sure, the first few times Biff used the sports almanac, the results probably would've been accurate. After a while though, and especially after Biff rose to prominence for his incredible ability to accurately bet on sporting events, the results would've shifted. Eventually Biff would've disrupted the thinking of the players & the general public, and ultimately the results.

This whole movie just doesn't make sense!

Comment That's 37mpg based on the US test cycle (Score 3, Informative) 576

70mpg is misleading for this automobile, as is the article. These numbers are based on the Japanese test cycle, which also states the Toyota Prius achieves 89 mpg).

src :

-- cut --

The Mazda release said the car would achieve 70 miles per gallon, but that number was based on the Japanese test cycle, meaning American mileage would be lower. A 15 percent increase from the existing Mazda 2 would result in a combined 37 m.p.g. (For comparison, the Toyota Prius, which gets a combined 50 m.p.g. from the Environmental Protection Agency, achieves 89 m.p.g. in the Japanese test.)

-- cut --

Submission + - Judge to NetBSD developer: "You are too smart sir!

Hymer writes: Danish NetBSD and Varnish developer Poul-Henning Kamp (PHK) case against Lenovo on Widows refund has been dismissed because the judge evaluated PHK as being too smart to not understand the EULA.
PHK is however quite happy about it because "the judgenent clearly shows the de facto monopoly on operating systems" he said to Version2's reporter after the judgement. PHK later wrote on his blog that the judgement opens the possibility of a antitrust case against Microsoft in Konkurencestyrelsen (danish government organization for monopoly cases).

PHK's blog
Versions2's coverage of the case

Submission + - Laptop Heat May Cause 'Toasted Skin Syndrome' (

mrvook writes: src:

Working with a laptop on one's lap for extended periods of time has been found to cause heat damage and skin discoloration in a handful of cases, prompting researchers examining the phenomenon to recommend thermal protection for laptop users and warnings labels on laptop device packaging.

The incidence of skin damage as a result of laptop use is rare: Only 10 cases have been reported since 2004, according to a report published on Monday in the peer-reviewed medical journal Pediatrics. Nine of those cases involved skin discoloration, known as "Erythema ab Igne"; the tenth case involved an actual burn.

The condition is sometimes called "toasted skin syndrome," and is commonly seen among elderly patients that use heating pads for prolonged periods. The consequences of the condition have a small chance of being serious.

The report, "Laptop Computer's Induced Erythema ab Igne in a Child and Review of the Literature," by Andreas W. Arnold and Peter H. Itin from the Department of Dermatology at University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, suggests that skin discoloration as a result of prolonged laptop use has the potential to become thermally-induced cancer. ...

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