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Comment Re:Hype (Score 0) 54

"This new influx of funds will be used to further improve its operations in India, launch in new cities and develop new payment solutions and products. " How do you spend 1B in this? a new payment portal, some advertising... but 1B?? considering the cost of IT and other resources in India, this seems like way too much money. Money laundering? Sending overvallued stock abroad?

Comment Give credit where due (Score 0) 85

Such negative comments... This is a prettty cool idea, not for replacing a 3d printer, just something using similar technology... Reminds me of the hot wire styrofoam cutters when I was a kid... A toy CNC, nichts? This is a crowd pleaser, just for fun, like a toy. There is a real 3d wire bender too yhat can take a cad file and render it, somewhat, but that is different. Kudos to the inventors! And to the critics, go do something useful instead...

Submission + - More on missile defense: will the Ground-based Midcourse Defense ever work? (

Lasrick writes: Kingston Reif analyzes GMD (Ground-based Midcourse Defense) and shakes his head over the House Armed Services Committee (last year) authorizing the Pentagon to spend $360 million more than it asked for to expand the flawed system. "The Committee also provided an additional $100 million to begin deploying existing ground-based or SM-3 interceptors — not the interceptors recommended by the National Research Council — on the East Coast of the United States by the end of 2015 to defend against potential future long-range ballistic missiles launched from Iran."

Submission + - Can you erase yourself from the internet? (

Barence writes: "Do you remember what you posted on that music forum in 2004? Or which services you tried for webmail before Gmail? We often forget online services, but they don't forget us. PC Pro has investigated whether it's possible to retrospectively wipe yourself from the internet. It discusses how difficult it is to get your data removed from Facebook, Google and other popular web services, as well as reputation management services that promise to bury unwanted internet content on your behalf."

Comment Closed loop (Score 1) 91

I forget who, but someone made a 3d printer conceptual art project, where the printer uses wax to build something, and when its finished it melts it all and starts over, forever...

Comment Privatice manned spaceflight (Score 1) 285

Now that we have private astronauts or are on the verge of having them, NASA should be redefined as having the missione of expanding knowledge, but not via manned flight, at least for a couple of decades. Let the "adventure" be funded by private enterprise, which can best recoup the cost via marketing. That Man can go to space safely has already be proven by NASA and others. The other way of looking at it is that NASAs unstated mission was to subsidize Cold War defense research, to make strong domestic industrial aeronautics industries. If it spent its budget on private space flights it will get a bigger bang for the buck, foment an industrial rennaissance in America at least, and do serious science on its own, with robots. Privatize the risk of human casualties, remove it from the politicians concerns.

Comment Re:We need a paradigm shift (Score 0) 222

Siri is the paradigm shift! No keyboard, just dictate long texts and ask for actions, do not do them by hand yourself. The only benefit from RIM is their network effect, messaging between users who don't need to pay sms costs. But surely they can implement that too, like Apple has done, at less than a billion or two of costs...

Comment Hype and Realitiy (Score 1) 87

Hype: everyone will print all their stuff at home. Mass production will be replace by 3d printing. Reality: Some specific manufacturing will be done at smaller, nimbler, less expensive factories (sometimes neighborhood print shops) using 3d printers. Hobbyists will have fun with home 3d printers, like with PCs in the early 80's. A lot of people will be able to get into manufacturing, due to low entrance price, ability to print interesting parts (witness Shapeways), and advantage of being local/imaginative/sell personalized stuff/have not stock (so lower financial needs). It's great to see a new industry arising, current ones are boring.

Comment Re:More manufacturing in North America (Score 1) 87

We can speculate about 3d printing changing manufacturing radically, but in the same light we can imagine cheaper non-oil-based energy changing the balance of payments substantially too, which will make the dollar stronger I believe (USA will have less deficit, can print less money). Unfortunately that won't happen soon enough, as long as oil is affordable (if you use less it will be affordable longer). What if we had cheap available solar energy and did not need oil for so many things?

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