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Comment Re:Knocked Over? (Score 1) 196

By letting the carriers fuck up Android and completely take it over, and then playing the "it wouldn't be open if we told the carriers what to do with our software" card while users are left with locked and crippled phones that can't be upgraded without hacking or waiting for the carriers to care (they don't).

Comment Yea (Score 1) 111

I doubt this is going to be a repeat of Windows, where a combination of massive marketshare and blatant negligence on the part of Microsoft led to an epidemic of worms.

But, there's also a very real threat, even on systems like iOS where users and even Apple assume that they have control of the platform, hackers prove them wrong constantly.

For instance a month or 2 back, jailbreakers were able to just visit a website through mobile safari and execute one exploit after another to compromise the entire system and install unapproved software like Cydia. That's a rare alignment of exploits, but who can really say it won't happen again via a malicious attacker?

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