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Comment Re:The closet can be a scary, stupid place (Score 1) 262

May I please fully agree with your essay.

I can further suggest, however, that the woman who's the subject of this article take a look at organizations such as Out and Equal, who make it their mission to support a safe working environment for GLBT community (gay lesbian bisexual, and transgender) members.

Comment I sure needed one of these during my dream (Score 1) 607

It's very interesting that this article appears in Slashdot today.

Just last night, I had a wierd dream where I was lost in a strange city late at night.

I was on a business trip; I was at this strange building that was like a mize with staircases with no railing and endless dark hallways.

I emerged from the building into a part of the city that was very different then when I entered te building.

As I looked around me, the streets kept changing.

One of these devices would have helped me very much during this dream?

Where can I get one?

Comment Reduce / Ged Rid Of Your Body Odor (Score 1) 206

Here is how I reduced my body odor to the point that I don't even use deoderant anymore:

1. Stop eating refined sugar. I mean anything with refined sugar. No more donuts, cookied, cakes, ice cream, etc.

2. Stop, and I mean really stop eating/drinking anything with high fructose corn syrup. Yes. That means no more soda. No more fake juices. No more candy. No more so called energy bars. This means religiously looking at labels.

3. Cut out red meats. I mean all of them. If you must eat meat, limit yourself to white meat and fish.

4. Get out and exercise.

5. Make your own juices. Get a juicer. Juice fresh organic vegitables and fruits. I mean everything from wheatgrass, spinach, celery, carrots (lots of those), beats (lots of those also). Oranges (the whole thing; don't skin or peal them).

I started this ragime in April, 2008 and now I have lost over 40 pounds and have noticed s very significent drop in body odor. I can go weeks without deoderant. Sure, I still shower, but I don't do through a stick every two weeks. I still have
the same stick that I had March of 2008.

Under this ragime, I am about 95 percent vegitarian and about 85 percent vegan.

And I have lost at least 90 percent of my body odor. I also look and feel younger.

I think that this ragime, I would have no problems with homeland security and airports.



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