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Comment Try this: Vitamin D (Score 1) 347

Get checked for a Vitamin D deficiency. Your doctor can do that with a blood test. If your doctor doesn't think it is worth doing this test, find another doctor.

Most people who work in an office all day have low Vitamin D and will benefit from taking a supplement. You don't need a prescription for it (at least not in the US) so you can just walk in and pick it up in the vitamin aisle at the grocery or wherever. Get the ones that are liquid gels as I have heard they are better. I take a Vitamin D supplement twice a day and have noticed vast improvements in feeling more healthy (in general) and being less prone to anxiety and depression (I used to be).

I don't know for sure if all of this is due to taking Vitamin D, but I believe it to be. It is such an easy thing to try and low risk (ask your doctor about it), so why not try it?

And if all of that doesn't work then find another job. Seriously, your time is too important to spend it being miserable.

Good luck.
Data Storage

24x DVD Burners Hit the Market 140

KingofGnG writes "There is some uncertainty on which will be the one, between Sony Optiarc and Lite-On, to market the first drive of such kind, but the fact is that DVD burners will once again exceed the maximum write speed limit going from 22x to 24x. Both companies will release the new optical drives between March and May, and though in practice the speed difference isn't amazing at all, the new breakthrough shows that firms continue to invest in a technology with a surprisingly long life."

The Last Will and Testament of Circuit City 600

Harry writes "Sunday is the final day of business for Circuit City, the once-dominant national consumer electronics chain done in by the rise of Best Buy, the crummy economy, and multiple failings of its own. I paid a final visit of respect to my local store, and found that they'd gotten rid of just about all the unopened electronics products, and were therefore selling off stuff like broken computers and the toilet-paper dispenser from the restroom. Whether or not you were ever a fan, it was a sad scene." NPR has a segment on the end of the Circuit City era as well.

Comment The IT Solution - More Redundancy (Score 1) 242

You just need more redundancy. Two engines is not enough redundancy to protect against a double bird strike, but four would have been, right?

I suppose cost could be a factor. Depending on what the airlines consider the value of a human life to be would determine whether this is feasible for them. It comes down to how many 9s the airlines are willing to accept and what they will pay for that "uptime" of their engines.

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