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Comment How to deal with unreasonable customers? (Score 1) 159

Businesses are going to work on what makes sense financially. So what they will do is add you to a ticket. Then when they get enough incidents they will consider doing something about it. Your best bet is trying to get MS to do the legwork on fixing the issues. They might not be able to but they might at least be able to identify the incompatibility which would make it easier for the AV vendor to fix it.

As far as handling the refund I generally tend to rule in favor of the customer if I feel it's a reasonable request. I'd rather have a happy former customer who could eventually become one again in the future based on how well I treated him.

Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 440

You need a signed driver on x64 versions of Windows since Vista unless you attach a kernel debugger or disable it in the boot menu. You could use a test signed driver and enable testsigning or use a cross-signed driver. With the new change that is not enough. You will now need a MS signed driver.

Comment Re:Got that, Microsoft shills? (Score 1) 159

Don't attribute to maliciousness what can be attributed to incompetence. The telemetry was probably built up with no central design as a result no easy way to turn it all off. They won't spend time fixing it till it hurts them enough.

Also the fear of telemetry being used to spy on users is overblown. More and more software products add telemetry to be able to improve how their software works. It allows them to spend time improving the features users actually use and fixing their pain points. As a result they can build better products.

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