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Comment Re:Free or free (Score 1) 646

I was going to do exactly this when my son started getting old enough. In the local school system as low as first grade they have assignments that are online. I would like to have a controlled environment for my son to be able to learn boundaries and what is or is not appropriate.

My plan was to build my own proxy server, I may still do that but services like this seem to be a better solution.

I will see what is available in the next 2 - 3 years, a lot can change in that time!

Comment Re:Work and fun (Score 2) 1880

I only have a few hours of relax time and I usually spend that playing games, so for that reason I have Windows 7. And yes sure I can probably get Wine to work and futz around with it, but after a long hard day at work fixing other peoples issues I just want to get on my computer and it just work. I love linux, its great, I would use it on my work PC if I could. As for my home PC if it just worked with all the games I like to play I would have linux on it. I dont want to duel boot, I tried that and ended up just staying in windows because that is where my games are.

Now my servers run Linux, and so do my web consoles I have around my house, and I would have it no other way!

Comment Re:At $25 I can waste some money (Score 1) 137

I'm excited, when I first heard of this I started to look for ideas of what I can do to use it. USB Bluetooth radio and WiFi Dongle, plug it into the HDMI input in the TV built into my fridge and have a nice terminal that can query my recipe database! From the size I do have enough room in the door, and to my surprise the built in TV did have HDMI input.

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