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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Nvidias Meltdown? (

mrneutron2003 writes: "Most discussions about GPU manufacturers end up devolving into "my GPU kicks your GPU's butt in Crysis" rants. However, GPU manufacturers are large corporations with wide ranging product mixes and market strategies. Being the best at Crysis is not enough in the real world of profit margins and channel partnerships to keep things afloat. We think nVidia is in trouble. Big trouble. Are we seeing doom where there isn't any?"

Data Storage

Submission + - Eagle Consus M-Series SATA to USB External Storage (

mrneutron2003 writes: "External storage devices are not only ubiquitous these days, they're down right popular. It can be said that the external storage market is by far the fastest growing market in storage today. With storage requirements skyrocketing at an unprecedented rate these days, along with the huge growth in the mobile PC market, external storage devices have become a practical necessity for the power user. Western Digital and Seagate pretty much dominate the retail sector in prebuilt external storage devices, but there are a plethora of smaller players vying for your dollar in this sector as well. For those in the know, it's not overly complicated to simply buy an external case for $20-30 and slap a desktop or notebook drive in to save a buck or two. But the convenience and build quality of these inexpensive alternatives are quite frankly all over the map. Wouldn't it be nice to simply be able to slide a drive in and go without any installation hassle? That's the idea behind Eagle's Consus line of external storage systems."

Submission + - Charter Cable To Replace Ads For Customers (

mrneutron2003 writes: "Reports are running rampant across the web today regarding Charter Communications , one of the nations largest cable broadband companies, and a new tactic they're deploying to make money from your internet usage. In some markets customers are recieving an email stating that they will be part of a new service, where Charter replaces advertising in web pages with advertising deemed "more relevant"."

Submission + - EA/Bioware Drop Mass Effect PC DRM (

mrneutron2003 writes: "In a shocking display of clarity and reason, EA and Bioware have made an official announcement that they have decided to drop the draconian every ten day activation fiasco they were intending for PC titles Mass Effect and Spore. Whether this is a reaction to the out of control firestorm this issue became last week , or EA/Bioware growing a collective brain within the last week we cannot say for certain. It is however, a welcome return to sanity and customer centric thinking within EA/Bioware, and one we applaud them for. An excerpt from Bioware's official statement...

There has been a lot of discussion in the past few days on how the security requirements for Mass Effect for PC will work. BioWare, a division of EA, wants to let fans know that Mass Effect will not require 10- day periodic re-authentication.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Mass Effect PC - Is Piracy The Better Choice? (

mrneutron2003 writes: "Though by no means the most draconian of DRM schemes to date, a bit of a firestorm is brewing over the DRM infested activation system coming with the PC release of Bioware's Mass Effect.

Mass Effect PC will require an online connected activation courtesy of SecureRom servers every ten days. Apparently, for forever. Now, while it's clear Bioware and EA will go out of it's way to insure they avoid the activation debacle that hounded releases like Bioshock, it is also clear that when you purchase games these days you're not actually buying a consumable product that you "own" in the sense that you own a towel or a pair of shoes."


Submission + - MSNBC Needs An MS Office License (

mrneutron2003 writes: "Just when you think the Pennsylvania Primary is the news of the hour, out of left field comes this. I was sitting watching MSNBC's Live feed of the Primary today, and during a commercial break I got to see MSNBC's feed PC being outed for having a bad MS Office license."

Submission + - FyreTV IPTV Set Top Box Review (

mrneutron2003 writes: "We covered the AVN launch of this new IPTV product, FyreTV, back in January , when it garnered as much press as other devices launched next door at CES during the same week. Now that this product is finally in beta testing, we have been able to obtain FyreTV's hardware, and are here today to give you a bit of a glimpse at IPTV's future. Granted, this one revolves specifically around pornographic video content, but if you make the effort to set aside whatever your individual thoughts on the subject matter might be (assuming they are bad), you can see that this new service is perhaps a template or model for what may be our digital future when it comes to video content."


Submission + - Microsoft Makes Move To Buy Yahoo (

mrneutron2003 writes: "Though details are still somewhat sketchy, it looks like the persistent rumor of Microsoft devouring Yahoo is getting some teeth. 44 Billion Dollars worth of teeth. Expect more news on this as it breaks, as the details currently are somewhat lacking, but consider this move a serious play in the battle for net supremacy with Google."

Social Networks

Submission + - Another Stupid Survey About Billions In Lost Produ (

mrneutron2003 writes: "Global Secure Systems and Infosecurity Europe released the results of a poll they use to claim the U.K experiences upwards of 6.5 Billion Pounds in lost productivity costs to social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, and Bebo. As is often the case with polls asking a question in a certain manner can almost guarantee the conclusions reached. Also, when the parties involved are both interested in selling U.K. businesses their products and consultancy services you might want to replace that grain of skepticism with a boulder."


Submission + - Pinnacle PCTV HD Card 800i Review (

mrneutron2003 writes: "Convergence is a big buzzword these days. Just as we're able to connect PC's to todays HDTV sets, more and more people are catching on to the "Home Theatre PC" concept, so it is important to consider all the ways you can bring more media into your PC for such a purpose.

To that end many people interested in building or upgrading HTPCs look for the "ideal" TV Tuner to integrate into their system. It is this idea that brings us to our review of Pinnacle's PCTV HD 800i. Promising NTSC and QAM standard definition tuning as well as ATSC "Over The Air" High Definition as well as "ClearQAM" HD over cable, does the PCTV 800i fit the bill? That's what we're here to find out."

XBox (Games)

Submission + - Psychologist Cooper Lawrence Pays The Price On Fox (

mrneutron2003 writes: "In a Fox News segment, psychologist and self-help book author Cooper Lawrence shot herself in the foot by proclaiming all sorts of inane untruths about a game (Mass Effect, Electronic Arts ) being harmful to children for one mildly graphic sex scene. In a game rated M for Mature. A game she knew absolutely nothing about before she appeared on Fox and started making the mistake of opening her mouth.

Exposing ones own ignorance and prejudices on Fox News is pretty normal these days, but Ms. Lawrence is experience a great deal of grief as a result of speaking without thinking. Her latest self help book, The Cult of Perfection is experiencing a massive flood of spam reviewing on As a result her new book is sitting on Amazon with a 1 star rating in it's review system, with 472 reviews at this writing. Perhaps someone who is a published author should have learned to check facts and think before speaking. Sometimes the lessons you learn are harsh Cooper. Oh....and she's HOT! :P"


Submission + - HIS ATI HD3870x2 Spotted In China (

mrneutron2003 writes: "ATI's dual GPU monster the HD3870x2 has been spotted in the wild in shops in Guangzhou China being flogged for roughly $550 U.S. Sporting two RV670 running at 825mhz core with 1000mhz GDDR3 speeds and using 1ns GDDR3 for a total of 1GB of memory (512MB per core) this should be a screamer if you have the PSU to handle it. We expect benchmarks to be available quite soon, from those ATI board partners allowed to bench these. Pics below courtesy of ..."


Submission + - Janice Turner Is Crack For Parents - Xbox's Are Ju (

mrneutron2003 writes: "After sitting through reading one of the most denial ridden, vitriolic and incoherent rants on the subject of the evils of gaming I've ever seen, I felt a need to respond to it. Not only as a technology website journalist, but also as a parent.

The journalist in question, Janice Turner , writes a weekly column for The Times Online , a british publication which unfortunately gets alot more traffic than we do. I say it is unfortunate because someone dispensing little gems like this is the last person a parent searching for real solutions to managing their childrens time and behavior should consult."


Submission + - Amazon Unbox - Free Anime Eps...But (

mrneutron2003 writes: "As a promotional tool, Amazon's Unbox digital video service is offering first episodes of a select series of anime titles for free. You can directly download Afro Samurai, Astro Boy, Basilisk, Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, Samurai7, and Street Fighter II V. Of course you have to enter credit card information even for free episodes (we aren't exactly clear as to why ourselves). You also have to use Amazon's Unbox player or your totally out of luck too. As a further incentive they are offering quite significant discounts on full seasons of some titles, most being a little more than $30.

On the surface of it, this is a practical steal when compared to DVD box sets. However, keep in mind that Amazon's Unbox service is infected with copious amounts of Digital Rights Managment. The DRM basically means your watching this on an XP or Vista box, a Tivo (certain models of Tivo are directly supported), or nothing."


Submission + - Mike Magee Leaves TheInquirer (

mrneutron2003 writes: "After co-founding one of the oldest and largest online tech publications TheRegister in 1994, then moving on to greener pastures full of "voles", "chipzilla's" and "everywhere girls" when he founded TheInquirer in 2001, Mike Magee is calling it quits . Just this morning TheInquirer posted news that "Mageek" would be leaving the publication at the end of February, and that Paul Hales will take his place as Editor.

Mageek said: “I really do owe the readers of the INQUIRER and those who supported me when I started it an apology, sorry really big vote of thanks. I’ve enjoyed every day I’ve worked on the INQUIRER apart from the day I had a triple bypass op.

"I also want to thank the loyal bunch of hacks who’ve helped turn the mag into the success story it became.”

Mike Magee and TheInquirer changed the landscape of tech news reporting by doing things their own way and refusing to bow to industry pressure to gloss over the news. It is a publication both feared and respected by the industry at large, and one that we hope continues to cut it's own path without Mageek at the helm.

Even if Mike rarely posted our news and reviews [no we're not bitter... ED.] we wish him well in whatever future endeavors strike his fancy. Whatever they are, they probably won't be tame."

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