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Comment Re: Google Keep (Score 1) 286

I switched from Evernote years ago. Using keep and liking that they areconstantly improving it. Text editors are fine and I Use pen and paper less and less. Problem is I lose my paper notes too much or they aren't with me when I really need them. Yes, taking s picture of them is something I do but then they aren't searchable. I also need the notes to sync to every device I use. Those using VI or notepad++ would also need to remember to save those files in a sync folder.

Comment Re:Doubtless, many will probably give up on Apple. (Score 1) 289

People won't even know the headphone jack is missing until it is in their possession and they are asking their geek relative how they can plug in their hello kitty headphones. Due to the elements stuff just doesn't last where I live. I went back to using the headphone jack for everything. cables and headphones are much more reliable and much cheaper to replace when they break or go missing.

Comment Time for the Paid Shills to Earn Their Keep! (Score 4, Insightful) 250

I am eagerly looking forward to reading about how amazing the Windows phone is and how everyone should own one. Every time there is a Windows phone article there end up being more positive comments about the windows phone than there are real life window phone users.

Comment Re: The Original Recyclable Coffee Machine (Score 1) 299

There are paper and metal filters for the aeropress. The paper filters can get quite a few uses out of them before I have to toss it. Never liked Keurig coffee and it seems that every office has one these days and most new hotels put them in the rooms. Even when Keurig was new and trying to pedal their wears in the mall I didn't really the enjoy the taste. This was even before I became a coffee snob.

Comment Re:It's for real this time, I promise! (Score 1) 106

Hey guys! You need to watch out for SARS, H1N1, H151, mad cow, swine flu, Ebola, Zika, etc! It's really dangerous.

When there is a real dangerous pandemic the idiots who cry wolf at the WHO and media will cause the untold deaths of millions.

For those of us in an infected area and are trying to conceive I say thank you for your thought-inspired wisdom. The caring you show for others is your gift to mankind. Let me say one more thing. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I mean it. Without sarcasm like yours life would not be worth it.

Comment Re:What after one year? (Score 1) 374

$109.. if you can believe Neweggs *already up* "Windows 10 Home"... .. If MS is gonna give it away free to Win7/8 current users, *why* is NewEgg thinking people are going to pay *them* $109 for it... oh wait.. I think somebody famous once said "A sucker is born every minute".... Guess that answers THAT question...

If you mean sucker as in being a Windows user, unfortunately there are still many applications that require windows and MS Office. If you mean sucker as in purchasing windows when it is "FREE" then you are mistaken. You and what seems like many bloggers seem to be sorely mistaken.. Microsoft isn't going to give me free licenses to run Windows in virtual machines or to upgrade copies of XP or Vista. Therefore, licenses need to be purchased.

Comment Re: ive been through the new check (France, CDG ai (Score 1) 184

I haven't ran into any issues and have never been asked to turn anything on when traveling international. . Sure, you get the random screening but get global traveler with Tsa precheck and it's super fast. But if someone could tell me how my socket set was considered a potential weapon in china but none of my screwdrivers I'd appreciate it. Fly more and get the nice seats and free checked bags!

Comment Re:Anyone else not bother with the interm releases (Score 1) 110

Like Google has been doing with Android. Strip it down to it's core and then they release little things as apps. I think there is a lot of stuff that gets installed automatically in Ubuntu that I would never use. Most of my issues with ubuntu or it's variants have been with video and sound. Video seems to be greatly improved in 14.04 but now sound issues keep popping up. I'm sticking to the LTS releases as well. I'm sick of having new bugs or even old bugs reappear with each update. I also gave up on Unity. Unity runs way too slow for me.

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