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Comment Cloud Storage.. possible but what about (Score 1) 343

Ok, so yes a traditional document management system could be the correct way. However if you prefer the Google docs style approach, but wouldn't like the idea of it being in their hands or any other cloud file storage. Then just put in some software called Owncloud. It can be hosted any where you like. You don't have to use anyones cloud services and can be installed on a server internally. It has version control on files and works just fine. There are choices out there and if a document management system seems too much, then a file storage like Dropbox or Owncloud for example might be preferable by you and your users.

Comment Re:That's that then (Score 1) 330

"Minetest is an infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft and the like."



"and the like"

What a bunch of bull fucking shit. It's a minecraft clone. I had trouble telling the top banner wasn't a minecraft screenshot.

So may troll you in court, you've stolen their property. But seriously, all these clones I expect to see some getting letters to close down.

Comment Re: Nobody else seems to want it (Score 1) 727

It's really simple, desktops were the first tools by people who just wanted to get news, Facebook, email etc. There was nothing else available. They needed a tool browse the internet or do some printing etc, maybe the casual game or two. Then they moved laptops, because of the advantage of having mobile computing. Now Mobiles and tablets are available, the % that don't buy desktops and laptops now, have no need for anything specific other than access to the internet, play games or do whatever. Ok, it's a little stereo typical, but that's what's happened. The PC was once a hobbiest machine, then games, the internet became popular with other none computer enthusiasts (again not the best label). They bought PC's to play games or access the internet. Just moving onto the next convinient machine. The rest are still using desktop and laptops, because they need the software, hardware for their hobby and/or job. Whilst others moved on, because they don't need that box under their desk. I still need a good machine for my work and items I do at home. But people I know, can do everything from their tablet/phone and that's fine. it's not the end of the desktop, it's the end of the dominance of the desktop.

Comment Because... (Score 1) 184

Some idiot within their company clicked on "Naked pictures of...." or you've won $2,500,000. It's having someones desktop or laptop on the same network as the important R&D network and having crappy M$ products protecting important information. If these people can develop defence systems, they can take something oscure open source OS and make it the system they use.

Comment Is this 2001? (Score 1) 361

Wow, I thought the online papers etc trying to charge had dispeared ?! There were worries that newpapers were going to lose too many readers in print and started charging online.. assumed this had died. Never will pay for news, it's freely available and actually most are behind the social networks at getting anything up to date.

Comment How many developers (Score 1) 383

Ok, many people have already picked this one up. But how many full time developers do you need? Your ERP should be upgraded/customised/developed on a project, maybe 3-6 months cycle per year. Unless there is an urgent bug or other issue that stops the business. It seems to us like every little ask by the business is just put into place, instead of driving the business to using the software correctly or at least 4 full developers seems like that's the case. I'd look at create a correct roadmap for the ERP or even look at if it's the correct product. That much development for any company seems excessive unless you were like someone who are totally unique ala NASA. But, assuming all is good with the number of developers, I'd be pushing to look at how the efficiencies would benefit the company in terms of profit? So a business case with the team and your manager, then this needs to be presented to your CEO etc.

Comment Tried using Links browser recently? (Score 1) 778

If you were to be stuck using Links browser under a *nix shell, you'll see lots of websites broken now. Yeah rare these days, that I need to use Links, but its showing now that Javascript is riddled in most websites. In many cases, you cannot even browse their website without Javascript. I highly disagree about removing the option. Or at the very least allow plugins or about:config to disable it. If not, Mozilla will have made a big mistake. It's not the time to assume it should not be disabled.

Comment UAT ? (Score 3, Insightful) 524

Sounds like to me there is no UAT going on. Old method but, Development->UAT->Product, should be the most basic method. Sounds like you are handing over the software without any sign off from the customer. If they are signing it off, are you getting them to test it first? As part of your contract with the developer, you should be making sure the developer is aware of this process. That "within reason", the customer should be testing the software according to your specification. Any bugs can be returned to the developer. Once it meets the specification, then the customer signs it off. The customer is then aware, any issues after that period they pay and the developer knows after that period they get payed. Having an employed developer, means you have an overhead if you have no business coming in.

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