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Comment Re: Unimpressive performance. (Score 1) 144

SSD technology is equally as old if you count CCROS and Core memory. If we're talking flash-based, then we can look back to 1989 when it became commercially available.

As to the price issue. Doing a bit of cursory price checking on Amazon, it looks like a decent SSD will cost around $0.35/GB, and HDD around $0.035. That's 10x the price for technology that's nearly half as old. Now compare the first commercially available 3D XPoint memory to current ssd. Right out of the gate, it's about $2.40/GB, just under 7x the price of 28 year-old technology. Not too shabby by comparison. Now we'll have to see if price/performance tradeoff is as reasonable as flash v. hdd.

Comment Re:Lucas has lost it. (Score 1) 422

And let's not even talk about Indiana Jones 4 (what, there are only 3 Indiana Jones movies? Ok, I feel you).

Two. You meant 2 Indiana Jones movies, right? I'm sure you meant 2, because I really only remember seeing 2 (worthwhile) Indiana Jones movies.

Seriously though, it's sad when a poor sequel like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull makes a mediocre prequel like Temple of Doom look good.

Comment Re:Common Core (Score 1) 553

And it's fine after you've reached a certain point of understanding of the underlying concept. Once you've learned and understand that 3*4=3+3+3+3, you can move on to memorizing your multiplication table. However, the table shouldn't be the primary method for teaching multiplication.

Comment Re:Common Core (Score 1) 553

It sounds like a poor implementation of the standards. It's not supposed to be about rote memorization, nor does it define curriculum. It's about the student explaining their thought process. However, this is difficult to score on a test, and can lead to corners being cut to fit outdated standardized test scoring.

Comment Common Core (Score 1) 553

Critical thinking is central to the Common Core standards. If businesses are really concerned with lack of those skills, they should be promoting Common Core.

The standards really need help from a marketing standpoint. A lot of what is circling social media are complaints about weird and confusing (to parents) math instruction, and on how the standards are a big government takeover designed to indoctrinate our children (standard FUD). There are valid concerns and complaints with them to be sure, but these are not the points that should be debated.

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