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Comment Re:Very disappointing (Score 2, Funny) 284

I can see the commercials with Luke Wilson now.... iPhone Luke is eating lunch while using his iPhone to tweet. "nexus" Luke tries to steal a french fry from iPhone Luke. And iPhone Luke bats his hand away saying, "Hey, why don't you buy some for yourself !". Then "nexus" Luke (sad-faced) says, "But I spent all my money on".

Comment Re:Financing (Score 1) 284

That would be true, if the service we adjusted downward when bringing an UN-subsidized phone to the party. Since we all know that to NOT be true, then there is NO win here. C'mon, use some common sense logic, that the purpose of subsidized phones is to ensure that there is a revenue stream that no only covers the initial cost of the phone ( and there's NO way you're going to tell me that any carrier pays anywhere NEAR the supposed retail price of a phone, and then can charge you an early termination fee of the sort that they charge....PUH-LEEZE. No one's THAT dumb to believe it. ) plus actual service costs, with some room for scaled profit throughout the lifetime of the person's contract with the carrier. So please stop squawking as though Google's doing someone some public service here. They aren't. PERIOD. Or as the commercial goes......The man said, "Ta-da !"

Comment Re:Invest (Score 1) 501

Build more towers. Increase capacity. Uncle Sam has doled out a lot of money over the last couple decades to build infrastructure. Build it. Cut dividend payouts a little bit, and build the infrastructure up. Maybe cut executive and management pay a little bit. DUHH. And, while you're at it, maybe you can get that "last mile" built so that all Americans can get online. Tiered pricing isn't the solution. Demand is going to increase every year from now on. Get used to the idea that you need to keep adding to and improving the infrastructure. You can't take a snapshot at some arbitrary point, and say "We need this much more infrastructure, then we'll be on easy street." Invest your earnings back into the system, where it belongs - in the business.

Brotha's and Sistah's can I get an Amen in the congregation ! But seriously, it only took 5 sentences what several building-full's of MBA's can't seem to understand. And as for the squeaky investors.....hello !...this is insuring the long-term sustainability of your investment, if you were looking for "Get rich quick", infrastructure large-player data communications isn't it ! Go look at some small company like HTC and invest in them so they get better phones on the market...or better yet, Huawei (?!?) who're now starting to come out with some real competition for HTC and others.

Comment Re:toposhaba (Score 1) 792

I love statisticians ( always trying to convince people that 1 = 2 for most values of 1, that lot )... Dude...if bicycles are a visible component of the total mass of flowing traffic...guess should have to abide by the same regulations other vehicles do, if not more so. Specifically because you're operating a vehicle that doesn't have the inherent "operator safeguards" that other vehicles do. YOU are your vehicle's safeguard. Coming from a city where 90%+ of humanity get around via their own vehicles for work, I would think if we had more folks riding their bikes to work we might encounter some of the same issues you've described.

Comment Re:Didn't RTFA.... (Score 1) 288

Then you're unclear as to the reasons for having scope in the first place. It's why books are divided chapters, and chapters into pages, pages into paragraphs, and so on. It's to give it some semblance of context. Geez, why even have '{' or '}' then ? There's no reason to have key characters if there's no logical demarkation of scope after all. And if we're going that far, let's get rid of the ';'s then. We're all adults, we should KNOW where a statement ends, right ?

Obviously I'm being facetious, but only half so. It's because for as many nice things there are in JS, I keep coming up with more rationales for why JS must wither. Lua is a great example of scripting done right ( or at least more coherently than JS will ever be ), but it has it's limits of utility as well.

JS was a hack when it was incepted, continues to be a hack, and will plague us into the future unless people get a grip already.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the road to RIA is not paved in JS (even if embedded away from eyesight).


Submission + - Last Mac OS X Tiger Update Released?

Alexander Burke writes: "Apple has released what is widely believed to be the last update to Mac OS X before the release of Leopard (10.5) this spring; this update brings Tiger to version 10.4.9.

The 10.4.9 Update is recommended for PowerPC and Intel-based Mac computers currently running Mac OS X Tiger version 10.4.8 and includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes or compatibility updates for the following applications and technologies:
  • RAW camera support
  • Handling of large or malformed images that could cause crashes
  • Image capture performance
  • Mouse scrolling and keyboard shortcuts
  • Font handling
  • Playback quality, and bookmarks in DVD Player
  • USB video conferencing cameras for use with iChat
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Browsing AFP servers
  • Apple USB Modem
  • Windows-created digital certificates
  • Open and Print dialogs in applications that use Rosetta on Intel-based Macs
  • Time zone and daylight saving for 2006 and 2007
  • Security updates
Detailed information is available here."

Submission + - Use PHP Profiler to Find and Hasten Plodding Code

IdaAshley writes: If your PHP application is plodding, use a profiler to target and measure where time is being spent or memory is being used. You can target the statement, loop, function, class, or library that's most sluggish. Part 1 of this "Make PHP apps fast, faster, fastest" series demonstrates how you can accelerate your entire site by eliminating redundant work using XCache, a PHP opcode cache.

Submission + - Nanotechnology leading to molecular machines

dr_nomad_x writes: a number of enticing research papers on the use of catalysis and molecular motors to produce movement. One paper mentioned sounds particularly useful: an overview of progress on Synthetic Molecular Motors href="">Read More...

Journal Journal: Improving job market for coders? 6

Today one of the other programmers in the bullpen gave his notice - he's going to work at another company as of Monday. The rest of the week is going to be spent familiarizing myself with his code.

So what do I find in my email when I get home? A headhunter says she has "an urgent opportunity" that "I thought might interest you." And I wasn't even looking ...

Has anyone else noticed a higher-than-normal turnover as employers raid each others' talent?


Submission + - Do MS programming certs have any value?

An anonymous reader writes: Do the Microsoft certifications for programming have any value? Are there any instances where they would help you get a job or even get a foot in the door? What about those with a technical or science degree but no work-related programming experience, could this help them establish themselves for a more or less entry level job?

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