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Comment Re:What's wrong with socialsm? (Score 2) 446

1. It's interesting that you didn't specify your country so we could check your facts
2. 1/3 of all Mexicans live the in US. Do you have the 1/3 poorest of a third world nation living in your country? You can't have socialism and open borders and we have both
3. You say you pay 49.6% of your income in taxes. After paying income tax, state income tax, property tax and sales tax I pay more than that. If you factor in the tax that my employer pays on all income he pays me, and the loss of corporate income due to the highest corporate income tax in the world I pay a LOT more than that. To rub salt in the wounds, if I were to work in other countries I would have to my my country's taxes as well as the other, and if I attempt to leave this country behind I get taxes substantially on everything that I own - even though I already paid taxes on the money already. When you add the death tax in for all the money I leave my family I think you'd be strained to find other countries that pay more taxes
4. We have socialized medicine here, but only for one group - our vets. Every 4 years the media 'expose' how bad it is and the politician wave their hands and promise to fix it, but don't. Their medical system atrocious and I don't wish it upon anyone - especially my own family.
5. Socialism is the antithesis of freedom. Someone is going to make the important decisions in your life. Is it going to be you - who actually cares, or a politician thousands of miles away who doesn't know you and really doesn't care? Given the choice, I choose freedom! I just wish there were politicians I could vote for who represent that.

Comment There is one advantage to this (Score 0) 415

If this had been in place a few years ago, then when Microsoft changed the desktop metro, people buying computers would have been able to subscribe to the Win7 instead of 8 which would have forced Microsoft to abandon it's horrid change. Other than that, I see this as being bad for the consumers...... So I guess that means it will happen. I can't wait for my system to fail to boot because MS cannot confirm that I've paid my OS rent due to the fact that I don't has a network connection at my client's site.

Comment Re:As usual ... (Score 1) 172

Just goes to show that you can spend a lot of money and get little in result. Seriously, can anyone tell me 1 innovative thing about the Surface? Something that a cheap Chinese manufacturer couldn't have thought of, but for less cost?
Don't get me wrong, Microsoft does some great research - C#, .net, and Singularity - all pretty cool. But they fail in turning this into great products.

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