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Comment Big thanks (Score 1) 1521

Pretty much what everyone else has said. I didn't find Slashdot until probably '99 or so, but since then I've turned to it for news almost daily. It has certainly helped shaped my worldview, while also helping me know I'm not the only one who thinks the way I do. The Internet HAS changed, and the reason you give for leaving makes sense, but still... definitely the end of an era. Thanks for all the insight, laughs and frustration when you haven't met my high expectations :-) Best wishes Taco.

Comment There is a Silver Lining (Score 1) 766

Let's face it, we weren't going to get slam dunks on every appointment. There are so many ex-Clinton people everywhere that it was foolish to think Hiilary Rosen and her crew weren't going to get into the new Executive. But the silver lining is this: RIAA types are allowed into the discussion, but they don't CONTROL the debate or its terms. Allowing all sides at the table is a very different thing from deciding policy and ideology from on high and mandating that ideology all down the chain of command. The new Administration seems willing to include both progressives and moderates at the table. That means that we aren't going to get purely progressive solutions, but it does bode well for getting solutions. Obama seems intent on stopping the gridlock, and if that means allowing in points of view I vehemently disagree with, that 's fine as long as solid, scientifically-backed reasons and evidence are necessary criteria for policy decisions, not blind adherence to dogma.

Submission + - Google Search Screws Over

An anonymous reader writes: You may have heard of the humour website Apparently, for all of their long history they've been having a problem where their website is listed far down Google's results (often last) for searches related to the site (such as the names of features and articles on the site). For example, when I google for "Photoshop Phriday", the site isn't in the first ten pages of results, despite the fact that Google has indexed the relevent page. In fact, the first result is a proxied version of the relevant page, and the rest of the results are blog and forum entries referring to Something Awful. (Results are apparently better on many non-English versions of Google, however.)

It's far from clear what's causing this; the site's PageRank is apparently fine. Attempts to contact Google have fallen on deaf ears and dumb autoresponders. The site was even recently redesigned in the hope of fixing the problem, with no luck so far. Is the world's most popular search engine really this broken, and how much money are people bringing in from knowing the black magic to work around it?

Submission + - Solar Power without the hassles of ownership

cybrthng writes: "CitizenRe takes a unique approach on solar energy by installing & maintaining solar systems for users based upon their local net metered rate. This approach frees home owners from the ongoing expenses and initial capital of being green to simply paying for what they use and having the ability to locking today's rates for the next 1,5 or 25 years. To qualify Your state/municipality must have net meetering arrangements."

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