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Comment Re:All of the above, but mostly Active Glasses (Score 1) 435

Now I'm waiting for 4K 3D where that will fix the resolution issue.

LG have 4K TVs with passive 3D that sidesteps the half resolution issue for 1080p 3D, however there is no 4K 3D spec and likely never will be. When designing the 4K blu-ray spec they purposefully left it out. I doubt you'll see 4K stereoscopic 3D that isn't Half-SBS for this reason if you see any 4K 3D ever.

For me, 3D failed because thanks to complaints about nausea and headaches, studios got completely gutless with the content. The depth of the 3D image is practically non-existant. Gives the impression of staring into a shallow shoebox diorama.

The only good 3D from a TV I have ever experienced was Tomb Raider 2013 on the PC an only because you could dial the 3D intensity up to silly levels. Meant that looking from Lara to the ground 100ft below required a proper adjustment of your eyes and it was much much more effective than anything I have ever seen in video. Sadly it made it detrimental to the gameplay, but hey ho it was fun and I persevered for the whole game like that. But there are very few 3D stereoscopic games without resorting to 3D hacks and pretty much none of those stretch the field of view even a tenth of what TR did.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 1) 264

The important distinction is that rarely do the expanded functions actually affect the consumer. Basically nothing targeted the DSi specs except for some camera related features tacked on to a few games, very few games used the N64 ram and those that did just provided a low framerate high res mode that you'd probably turn off again. DK64, Conker's being the notable exceptions that suffered in the market for loads of reasons not just that. The PSP revisions didn't have a faster CPU, the original was always capable of 333 it was just disallowed by the SDK at the time largely due to battery drain. Then as the machine was in its twilight years they let developers use 333, and this still worked on the PSP1000. People with hacked firmware got to use the toggle first, useful for running emulators. The extra ram was used for the OS and as a disk cache so that the drive could sleep longer extending battery life, it wasn't available for games (except homebrew). The N3DS has very little targeted to it as well. The GBC was essentially a new console. My point largely is that console revisions rarely affect the consumer, whereas on PC your GTX660 could cause you problems that a 960 won't. Or a 1060 will and the 480 won't. On the PC there's too many options that are "current" that developers have to deal with. This leads to extended development times and excessive patching when you realise that too many of your customers are using fast enough but old CPUs that don't have SSE4.x so you have to support more code paths and more testing. Compared to the list of things a PC developer has to target, having a couple of known tiers for a single console is a dream.

Comment Re:Raw power was never the issue (Score 1) 99

I might be completely wrong, but I think this is a case of reviewers in a rush. PCIe spec is 75W draw max, 6 pin connector is 75W max therefore 150W max draw for this card, right? Well, the one graph that seems to be copied everywhere showed 164W draw. First, assuming that the review site knows what they are doing and that their measurement tool isn't mistaken, then this requires that either the mobo or the 6pin connector is able to SUPPLY out of spec power. Now, this IS a feature on high end gaming motherboards which nVidia partners used to good effect on the 980ti to boost the card past the power limit ceiling. You had to configure your system to ignore the specs. Makes me think that they simply whacked this card in and hit go on a mobo designed to feed a 980ti overclocked and the 480 got the same benefit.

I'm wondering if I stick this in my machine which can't do this I'd wind up with lower scores.

Or quite probably MSI afterburner will get a patch soon that fixes the bad read.

Comment Re:It's a business opportunity! (Score 1) 320

these only exist because windows doesn't provide a centralised update system for applications to hook into.

Microsoft is afraid that if they did provide that, that when things go wrong with downloads via that channel, that people will blame Microsoft, not the vendor.

We blame microsoft for everything as it stands. How many windows problems can actually be traced back to 3rd party drivers and utilities? Personally I think that any small increase in backlash is just their cross to bear.

Comment Re:Depends on Embargo Lift (Score 1) 474

I believe it was EA that discovered that (their) games with demos sold poorer in the opening week than games released without. And it seems every game from EA, Activision and Ubisoft have "pre-order bonuses" that entice gamers to not wait for critical reviews. It is a scummy industry and it only seems to get worse.

Comment Re:Got Burned by Titanfall (Score 1) 292

Apparently I'm the only one on earth who doesn't like multi-player and has zero interest in playing a game with a bunch of random strangers on the Internet

Oh, you are definitely NOT the only one. The vast majority of gamers play single player games, some of which dabble in multi-player. It's just that the MP communities are the loudest voices. They are the ones that have to come together to play so naturally they will form a community where a single player gamer is unlikely to. Games like Titanfall or Destiny had MASSIVE marketing budgets so they seem more indicative of the market than they are. In both cases they haven't been hugely popular. That's not to say they are bad, far from it, if you have an interest in that type of gameplay you will probably like them, but the percentage of the market that is seems to be massively oversold. Personally I attribute Titanfall's lack of success to its pure multiplayer focus. Last I checked Call of Duty and Battlefield have more players that don't play online than ones that do.

Comment Re: There's another treatment that stops most T2 (Score 2) 253

All I ever get is hot, uncomfortable, sore and annoyed.

I think that's true of everyone it's just that the morning gym types get pleasure from rubbing others noses in it. The "I cycled to work this morning" and "I did X in the gym this morning" folk seem to spend all day with lower productivity and tend to be more prone to moodiness. The staff I work with were better before their health kick. I'd prefer they waited until after work, makes my job more pleasant.

Comment Re:who cares (Score 1) 336

I expect lots of small companies are in the same boat I am. I have 7 perfectly working CS4 installations, but now I need an 8th. Since backwards compatibility is a crapshoot that could burn you at the worst possible time I have to upgrade everyone to Creative Cloud just to get that 8th license. I could try and ebay a copy of CS4 but since licenses are not transferrable, legally that's no better than pirating. My solution so far is to take one license from my own machine since I don't need it much and am more likely to do stuff with ImageMagick than start PS. But that only buys me time. If I can't get a solid migration plan soon I'll be stuck paying £5k+ a YEAR just to use Adobe's glitchy shit.

Comment Re:Yep. (Score 1) 166

Can these Samsung Smart TVs be made to ignore all the convergence stuff and just be a monitor?

Last I checked, you needed a network connection for this stuff. So all you need to do is... not plug in the network cable. Or configure the wifi.

So just use it as a TV and you're golden.

You know what's funny? I have a Samsung 40" series 6 that I can't remember the model number of - really early smart TV that's not worth the effort to use as one so I didn't bother to hook up the ethernet when I moved. At least once a month it would lock up, as in picture and sound still going, but the UI would either stop responding, or respond but not do anything requiring a hard power off to fix. Since hooking up the ethernet again it hasn't done that in nearly a year. Tin foil hats at the ready...

Comment Re:Beware Internet Echo Chambers (Score 1) 611

How is it different from every iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet or laptops with webcams, recording even your location, video and audio?

Because they don't. Your android phone activates the webcam as requested for activities that use it. They don't run them 24/7 due to the battery sucking nature of them. As I understand it, the Kinect is ALWAYS listening and ALWAYS recording because it is sitting waiting for you to speak the command words, or wave the right gesture. Sure you'd expect that this is just recording to a circular buffer which gets thrown in the bit bucket when it doesn't detect something on the whitelist, but years of experience has taught me that it's not going to be long before some hacker gets into the internals and finds a database that has recorded everything everyone in the room has said for the last few days. Emails will fly around Microsoft's HQ and they'll spin it as merely for "anonymous usage stats" or "essential algorithmic learning" but we'll know that yet again a company was caught doing something no sensible person would believe they would do AGAIN.

Comment Re:History (Score 1) 738

In the case of Apple, fans actually boast of the huge profit margins on each phone plus the fact that you can't do anything Apple doesn't allow you to is viewed as Apple protecting you.

True, however if you can't do it, the carriers can't do it to you either. Apple's control had a lot to do with carrier bloatware. We can fix the abused android phones, but consumers would rather it be usable out the box.

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