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Comment Re:Nothing New (Score 1) 128

"File Edit View Window Help", "cut and paste", please, that was just the powder frosting on the cake. The Xerox system was pathetic by the Lisa and Mac standards (don't get me wrong they had great technology but not for end users). Apple invented overlapping Windows (thanks Bill Atkinson for your Regions), Model dialogs, the Menu Bar and with it Drop Down Menus, the single mouse button (click-drag-release). They came up with the idea the everything could be done with one mouse button and click-drag-release i.e. Drag and Drop. Copied Xerox my ass. Apple legally acquired Xeroxs technology unlike Microsoft who just copied it from Apple.

Comment Re:False assumption (Score 1) 814

we all agreed that tab indenting for code was properly two spaces

Say what?!?? Who made that decision? In the java world, 4 spaces is pretty standard.

I've been programming since 83 in 6502, Pascal, C, C++, and now Java. Every company and every project I worked on we used 4 spaces for tabs. I have heard thru the grape vine of programmers using 2 spaces but never came across one in the wild.

Comment Re:Is this even a dilemma? (Score 1) 814

Obviously one space. I really can't understand all the posters above me advocating two spaces. Where did that even come from?? You write a sentence, using single spaces between words and end it with a period as a sentence separator - Followed by a word separator, one space. Before this article, I never knew *ANYONE* used double-spaces. Moreover, I trust LyX for limiting the number of spaces to 1...

As for code, 4-space indents.

We were taught back in the day (high school, early 70's) in typing class to use two spaces.

Comment The bible says One (Score 3, Informative) 814

When the "Fifteenth Edition of The Chicago Manual of Style" (the bible on grammar) came out around eight years or so ago, the authors were on WGN radio in Chicago promoting the book and taking questions. Someone called in asking this very question about one or two spaces at the end of a sentence (I wanted to call and ask the same question). The authors were very clear, one, even for mono space fonts.

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