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Submission + - Upik helps Facebook users managing thir privacy (

mremond writes: Upik is a new tool recently launched to help users manage their privacy setting on Facebook. The idea is to have a sidebar that give you information about how visible are you settings, at any time when using Facebook. The tool is launched after the many controversies that have surrounded every new features release. Recently, employees have been fired due to information published on their wall and privacy has become a concern for the social network users.
Upik is limited to Firefox for now, but no doubt it will be released on other browsers soon.
Do you think this tool could help you use Facebook and give you more confidence when using it ?


Submission + - Google Wave alternative implementations

mremond writes: "Various Google Wave implementation projects have surfaced recently: PyGoWave server, a Python implementation, and ProcessOne's implementation, built on top of ejabberd instant messaging server and definitely working with a first existing instant messaging client extended to support the Wave protocol. The implementation itself is a scalable Erlang code base.
Ahead of the larger beta test that will be launched by Google at the end of september 2009, this is encouraging early adoption by developers. Do you plan to support the Google Wave protocol in a nearby future ? If so, what are the type of projects you are planning to build on top of Wave ?"

Subversion 1.5.0 Released 104

Hyrum writes "The Subversion team is proud to announce the release of Subversion 1.5.0, a popular open source version control system. The first new feature release of Subversion in almost 2 years, 1.5.0 contains a number of new improvements and features. A detailed list of changes can be found in the release notes. Among the major new features included in this release is merge tracking—Subversion now keeps track of what changes have been merged where. Source code is available immediately, with various other packages available soon."
The Courts

Jack Thompson Faces Disciplinary Hearing 231

CoolC writes "Gamepolitics is reporting that attorney Jack Thompson is to face a disciplinary hearing before the Florida Supreme Court. The attorney faces five counts of professional misconduct, three of which are correlated with his ongoing campaign against violent video games. Thompson faces the possibility of disciplinary action up to and including disbarment."
User Journal

Journal Journal: MacBook Owners: Slow to Sleep? 1

Hey - any of you MacBook or MacBook Pro owners -- do you notice any delays in sleep? My PowerBook G3 was insta-sleep, insta-wake. The MBP will sit for several seconds before sleeping.

Some guesswork on this yet to do. I did copy my profile over when I got the new Mac, so I'll be creating a new user and seeing if it happens on that one.

I'll keep you posted.


Novell May be Banned from Distributing Linux 553

Hymer writes "Reuters is reporting that Novell may be banned from selling Linux. In the wake of the (much maligned) Novell/Microsoft deal, the Free Software Foundation is reviewing Novell's right to sell the operating system at all. The foundation controls the rights to key parts of the operating system, and council for the organization said that 'the community wants to interfere any way it can' with the Novell business arrangement. No decision has yet been reached, but one should be made in the next two weeks." Is this a measured response, or an over-reaction to the Novell/Microsoft arrangement?

Wi-Fi Phones Reviewed 77

prostoalex writes "With municipal Wi-Fi taking off and startups distributing free wireless routers for those willing to share their Internet connections, Wi-Fi phones or hybrid phones with both cellular and Wi-Fi access, are attracting interest. Dr. Dobb's Journal runs a review of 6 wireless phone devices available on the market today. The cheapest ones start around $80, but lock you into T-Mobile branded hotspots. The more expensive ones, Sony Mylo in particular, offer support for 3rd party clients, such as Skype, GTalk and Yahoo! Messenger."
Portables (Games)

Castlevania for the PSP Unveiled 55

1up has the news that Castlevania is coming to the PSP for the first time. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles will bring not one but two games from the classic side-scroller series to the portable console. The pack will include the title Rondo of Blood, which is a brand-new release for the United States, as well as the much beloved Symphony of the Night. The network is featuring an extensive preview from Jeremy Parish, as well as video and screenshots of this sure-to-be-bestseller PSP title.

Dreamworks Dumps Wallace and Gromit 189

Tiger4 writes "Aardman Animation and Dreamworks are splitting their relationship. Apparently Dreamworks feels they lost money on 'Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit' and 'Flushed Away.' So off to their separate ways they go. Aardman is going back to stop motion and clay, Dreamworks will be staying with their CGI ways." In addition, Aardman Animation announced that a new Wallace and Gromit film is in the works.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Release Date Announced 371

Croakyvoice writes "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling, the seventh and final book in the best-selling series, has been scheduled for release at 12:01 a.m. on July 21, 2007, Scholastic announced today." A deluxe edition for collectors and enthusiasts is also planned with a simultaneous release.

Vista Indicates A Shift in Microsoft's Priorities 499

jcatcw writes "After hundreds of hours of testing Vista, Scot Finnie is supremely tired of it. And of Microsoft. Although 80% of the changes in Windows Vista are positive, there is nothing about Vista that is truly innovative or compelling; there's no transformational, gotta-have-it feature in Vista. But the real problem isn't with Vista. It's with Microsoft itself. His opinion is that Microsoft has stopped focusing on end users. They 'now seemingly make many decisions based on these two things: 1. Avoiding negative publicity (especially about security and software quality) 2. Making sure the largest enterprise customers are happy.'"

Innovative, Original Games Have No Chance 225

In interviews with game developers this week, the tone seems to be that innovative, original thought is no longer welcome in the games industry. That definitely seems to be the tone behind IGN's interview with Okami producer Atsushi Inaba, and MTV's interview with Bioshock's Ken Levine (distracting flash site). Atsushi, speaking about the art style in his critically acclaimed but poorly selling adventure game, had this to say about originality in games: "You use the word 'difficult', but I think that it is becoming almost 'impossible' for an original game to succeed financially. This can't be blamed on anyone but it's a simple fact that an original game doesn't appeal to the majority of gamers." Meanwhile Levine, talking mostly about the level of art he's trying to create with the title, had this to say about some of his fellow designers: "Most video game people have read one book and seen one movie in their life, which is 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Aliens' or variations of that. There's great things in that, but you need some variety." While most of the rest of his comments are somewhat mild, he reiterates throughout that they're trying to do something that gamers may not "give a crap" about. What do you think? Has the industry gotten to the point where retreads are all that will sell, or is there still room in the marketplace for original ideas?

Submission + - Legitimate question: Is anyone upgrading to Vista?

boxlight writes: "I don't want this to turn into an anti-Microsoft flame-fest; I'm seriously asking ... is anyone actually upgrading to Vista?

I ask because I'm a Mac user, but if I was still using XP I would have been at the store yesterday and upgrading last night. But at work today — a high tech office of Windows users — I'm very surprised that no one cares about Vista. Literally *no one* in my office is upgrading, some people laughed at the mere suggestion, and many didn't even seem to know Vista came out yesterday. One fellow said he may consider it after a service pack or two gets released.

So again: Have you upgraded to Vista? Are you planning to? Are you recommending yours friends & moms to do so? Do you know anyone who actually went out and bought it?"

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