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Comment discredit online drug sales to protect profits for (Score 1) 208

I cannot say for sure if he is guilty or not, but it is known that the drug companies and American drug retailers despised those internet pharmacies and those who ran them. I somehow suspect there are alterior motives for this action.

The FDA (although they wont admit it), have been pressured by the drug companies to discredit the internet pharmacy industry for years, all for protecting the over-priced medication sales within the USA.

Comment Less is more? (Score 1) 426

I guess they are buying into the less is more mentality?
I'm not sure they are going about this in a smart way, it's like their promoting Windows as a plain old boring operating system. People like shiny good looking software and gadgets, if they had to choose between a slick eye-catching GUI or a bland, flat, no-bling GUI - which do you think people will buy?

Comment Hoard it (Score 1) 309

My intentions are good, like saving it for some future use - but that never happens - so after hoarding these things for sometimes a few years, it ends up in the trash (actually, beside the trash can outside where someone else may take it).

Comment Re:If one thing, I would say the number is low (Score 1) 528

I would like to know if there is anyone under the age of 65 that hasn't copied some sort of media, be it music, TV shows, movies, even magazine articles. I seem to remember reading about how sheet music would be copied by hand, and publishers way back before photocopying, were concerned about it then.

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