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Comment Re:AGAIN, Sony? (Score 1) 491

Its the chicken and the egg argument. Sony fortified the PS3 because somebody cracked the hypervisor. Somebody cracked the Hypervisor because Sony removed the Other OS option. Sony removed the other OS option because they saw someone could use it to homebrew/pirate.

Comment Re:Australia! (Score 1) 439

My coworker is an Canadian expat here in So Cal. He explained temps in C to me this way:

-10 - 0 and down - Snow and ice. hide in your igloo.
0 - 5 - Cold, but bearable
5 - 10 - Jacket weather
10 - 15 - Sweater weather. Nice if you like it chilly
15 - 20 - A warm winter day, or cool summer day
20 - 25 - Perfect.
25 - 30 - Getting warm. You'll want the air conditioner on.
30 - 35 - "warm out today, eh?"
35 - 40 - Heat wave
40 - 45 - I'm not going outside today.
45 - 50 - I'll have to call you back, my phone just melted.

those were his descriptions, ymmv.

Comment Re:I wonder how long until it "accidentally" leaks (Score 1) 1224

The two (in Ireland at least) are too intertwined to deal with as a separate issue. The Irish Nationalists (or Republicans), who for the most part identify as Roman Catholic, want a unified Ireland which would be presumably Catholic. The Unionists, who are predominantly Protestant support the UK continuing its governance of Northern Ireland. The religion and cultural identity of these groups are virtually inseparable. To a Nationalist, a Protestant is a Unionist and a Unionist is a Protestant. To Unionists, the same is true.

Comment Re:I wonder how long until it "accidentally" leaks (Score 1) 1224

Well..... As recently as the 1990's Catholics and Protestants were killing each other in Northern Ireland. They still are telling each other to STFU. I'm not sure what the Pope has said in regards to it recently, but there has definitely been Catholic/Protestant violence in our lifetime.

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