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Comment Re:You missed the point of your own story (Score 1) 199

You mean like bringing home hookers, guns, or anything similar that might lead them to a fruitful career?

Defensive, much? Maybe something like tradeable sports cards, a lathe and furnace for smelting, screen printing tools, golf clubs? The list of cool stuff a kid could get geeked on is endless, but I enjoyed how you went straight to possibilities that carry to some serious negative connotations. For the record, I see nothing wrong with bringing a gun home if you show the children to respect it. I would encourage this practice, actually.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 506

I worked at MS for over a year and it was just painful. I watched amazingly talented people get ignored and shut down while complete idiots kept getting to ship stupid products riddled with bugs. Test teams would cry 'show stopper' because a p1 bug wasn't fixed but a PM would ignore this serious flaw and make their ship date (or 2nd ship date).

I'm not trying to speak maliciously; I have nothing against the people I worked with. They're nice, intelligent people but they are not high quality coders or testers, or PMs. That is why you get such god awful products being released.

Just look @ the new version of Messenger - they do a lazy fetch for contact pictures even right after installing it. Who in their right mind would ship such an obvious flaw if the fix takes 10 minutes?

Great excuse to get rid of dead weight but it will be damn tough to carve them out.

Submission + - Germany Wont Let Cruise Onto Historical Premises (

mrdarreng writes: Tom Cruise, set to play Count Claus von Stauffenberg in a new movie titled Valkyrie, has been banned by German Defence Minister Franz-Josef Jung from inner the Defence Ministry's courtyard where von Stauffenberg was shot. Members of the German government liken Scientology to Facism, and say it "masquerades as a religion to make money". The same body that hunts Terrorist, Neo-Nazi's and spies, the Federal Agency for the Protection of the Constitution has been observing the church for years. A Defence Ministry spokesperson said, "The film makers will not be allowed to film at German military sites if Count Stauffenberg is played by Tom Cruise, who has publicly professed to being a member of the Scientology cult."

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