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Comment Magic Decoder Rings: More Than One Way To Do It (Score 2) 169

perl -e 'eval(pack(q(b*)=>join(q()=>grep{tr/()/01/;} split(//=> q+)()()))(()))())((()(())()()(())(())(())(((((()(( (()(()(())))()(())()))((((((()(((()(()(( )))))()(((((()(()())))((((((()(((())))((()))))(()) ()))((((((()(())(()))())))()((((()()(()) ())()((((())(()((())(()()))()())())))(((()))(()()) )))()(()()(())))()(((((()))(()(()))()(() ())(()))())((()()))(((((()(((((()))()(((())())((() )())()())(((()()(()))(()((()(((()(((())) (()))(()(((())()(((()(()(()((())(()(()()(())))()(( )))(())()()(())())()))((+))));'

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