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Comment Re: Physically feasible? (Score 1) 330

Let's not forget the difference in mass. Voyager is a stripped down space probe with every ounce carefully minimized, its pretty hard to do that if you're taking humans along. Now you could argue for cryogenics, but once again we can't make that work on mammels afaik. Only way to deliver sane humans in a state ready to survive is a colony ship that grows its own food and has a sustainable population, which means millions, perhaps billions of milligrams of mass that has to be accelerated and decellerated (and pushed out of earth's gravity).

Comment Re: Cue Musk fellation (Score 1) 373

I agree with your analysis of the complexity of an ICE, but I argue that an electric car is no less complex if you look inside the silicon. IGBTs and MOSFETS along with their control networks are quite complex, but they are beyond the mechanics purview. The millions of lines of code in the control systems would certainly be another point of complexity, beyond the ken of the majority of the population. And while the electric motors themselves are simple, their simplicity belies the many thousands of hours that went into designing the field windings and armature to maximize the effectiveness of the generated magnetic flux.

Submission + - A Modest Proposal, re: Beta vs. Classic 19

unitron writes: Dice wants to make money off of what they paid for--the Slashdot name--, or rather they want to make more money off of it than they are making now, and they think the best way to do that is to turn it into SlashingtonPost.

They should take this site and give it a new name. Or get Malda to let them use "Chips & Dips".

Leave everything else intact, archives, user ID database, everything except the name.

Then use the Beta code and start a new site and give it the name, and they can have what they want without the embarrassment of having the current userbase escape from the basement or the attic and offend the sensibilities of the yuppies or hipsters or metrosexuals or whoever it is that they really want for an "audience".

Comment Re:and it begs the question (Score 1) 622

for NON-Violent crimes, I absolutely agree that their rights should be reinstated, even for firearms. I would also expand that definition to include small time drug offenses, if it isn't already. But I'm afraid for someone who was guilty of assault, rape, murder, etc. has already amply shown that they can't control themselves, and shouldn't have the right to own a gun reinstated.

Comment Re:A grander plan (Score 1) 141

to some degree the redundancy in the translation codons is there because the mating tRNA isn't always an exact match.

We like to think of it as a nice clean process, but in reality it's a VERY messy process involving lots of fuzzy factors and probabillities. The way that the ribosome works is by having the tRNA "crash" randomly into the opening. If it's the correct tRNA it will bond to the DNA and stay there. Ones that don't fit are repelled by molecular forces. There is such a small difference between the bonding potential of GUU and GUA that if they were assigned to different amino acids there would be many many more mistakes, resulting in miscoded proteins.

redundancy in wetware is usually there for a reason!

Comment Re:old, really old, news (Score 1) 586

This was the reason that on little boy the bombardier practiced for days arming and disarming the bomb. The original plan was to arm it before takeoff by installing the powder charges. He was terrified of the plane going down and the bomb taking out the airfield and base. He spent a lot of time on the ground practicing climbing down into the bomb bay, removing the cover, inserting the charges and reinstalling the cover. For his efforts he died young of cancer.

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