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Comment Re: How will they enforce it? (Score 1) 100

Physical subscriber addresses change all the time. It isn't the ISP's job to keep track of anyones subscription services. What if a subscriber wants to watch iPlayer while out on a 3G or 4G network from his mobile device, or while away from home. They have paid - so why shouldn't they be able to? What if you connect to your friends WIFI and use iPlayer, but he doesn't have a license? Trying to swat VPN's is like a game of wack-o-mole. And this doesn't even consider the privacy implications. The plan is unworkable. It would be simpler to just offer a login/password combination for each subscriber (if they want it). Even that will not thwart those who don't want to pay - there will be a Kodi plugin to stream content in no time you can be sure - in fact most of the good stuff is already available to stream.

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