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Comment Informed participants (Score 1, Interesting) 1196

I am frankly shocked at the amount of disinformed entrenchment people insist on displaying over this topic.

This is a not a "President Bush vs. everyone-else" argument and he has taken heat for federally funding adult stem cell research - It was his administration that pointed out a very reasonable question (one that Californians obviously didn't hear or read) - "If stem cell research has such potential, why isn't there more private funding and effort?"

Follow the money. Determine why private research funds (even at some universities) are not being spent on stem cell research.

The abortion fanatics (all of 'em) are using this as another means to inculcate their rhetoric into the debate. Unfortunately, the bystanders in this side show are employing simple repetition and not doing the homework to get at the underlying issues to which they are voicing an opinion.

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