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Comment Re:forget food, get on the internet (Score 1) 124

and since people are SO WILLING to believe everything they read on a network, it'll be great
fun polluting a mesh with dis-information and watching them go out to get food and instead
become the food. eliminate the naive early as possible in the game to ensure better supply
of resources later on :)

Comment Re:5th Amendment doesn't apply (Score 2) 1009

well, even you cooperate to the fullest to get your property/equipment/data back there are MANY MANY stories of police refusing
to return things, or when finally forced to do so, the equipment has suffered mysterious inexplicable damage.

any equipment/data confiscated by police must automatically be assumed lost.
offsite backups are wise for many reasons, this is one.

Comment Re:Best care money can buy helps (Score 1) 495

he's an honourary "chair" at the PI, but does not reside in Canada. he made one extended summer visit a couple years ago.
another extended visit got cancelled due to some health issue or something. as a visitor he would not have to worry about
"emergency" healthcare, but regular maintenance stuff he would have had to make his own arrangements.

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