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PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - UK gamers charged more for inferior PS3

twofish writes: "According to the Daily Telegraph Sony has said today that the European version of PlayStation 3 will play fewer PlayStation 2 games when it launches on March 23 compared with models launched earlier in Japan and America. "The backwards compatibility is not going to be as good as the U.S. and Japan models," a Sony spokesman said. Like Microsoft, Sony seems to not have a working currency converter either and the PS3 will also be £100 more than the US version."

Submission + - 71 New Search Keywords In Google & Still Count

Voelspriet writes: "It's not perfect, but hey, it's new. Google accepts all kind of new search words, triggered by info boxes on Wikipedia, Amazon, CIA, Answers.com and some obscure sites. I compiled a list of 71 keywords that result in a direct answer on #1 in Google. (You don't have to open the source, you get the answer right away.) The syntax is keywords & trigger (country, artist or company). Let me know if you find more..

Age structure (country)
Airports (country)
Area (country)
Birth rate (country)
Capital (country)
Climate (country)
Coastline (country)
Constitution (country)
Currency (country)
Dependent areas (country)
Diplomatic representation from the US (country)
Economy (country)
Employees (company)
Environment — current issues (country)
Environment — international agreements (country)
Ethnic groups (country)
Executive branch (company)
Exports (country)
Flag description (country)
Founded (company)
Genre (artist)
Geographic coordinates (country)
Geography — note (country)
Government (country)
Head of state (country)
Headquarters (company)
heliport (country)
HIV/AIDS — deaths (country)
Illicit Drugs (country)
Imports (country)
Independence (country)
Industries (country)
Inflation rate (country)
International organization participation (country)
Internet TLD (country)
Internet users (country)
Judicial branch (country)
Key People (company)
Label (artist)
Labor force (country)
Land use (country)
Language (country)
Legal system(country)
Legislative branch(country)
Literacy (country)
Map Reference (country)
Maritime claims (country)
Military Branches (country)
Music: (artist) — old one.
National hazards (country)
National holiday (country)
Nationality (country)
Natural resources (country)
Population below poverty line (country)
Political parties and leaders (country)
Political pressure groups and leaders (country)
Prime Minister (country)
Products (company)
Public Debt (country)
Radios (country)
Railways (country)
Religion (country)
Revenue (country)
Slogan (company)
Televisions (country)
Time Zone (country)
Terrain (country)
Trading Partners (country)
Unemployment rate (country)"

Submission + - Nyko Unveils Two Wii Controller Grips

njkid1 writes: "Today, Nyko Technologies announced the Classic Controller Grip and Click Grip for the Wii. The Classic Controller Grip adds grips to the Wii Classic Controller along with a "docking fin" to attach the Wii Remote to, and will retail for $14.99. The Click Grip replaces the Wii Remote battery cover with a rubberized, textured grip in either blue, pink and gray for $5.99. http://biz.gamedaily.com/industry/news/?id=15331&n cid=AOLGAM000500000000023"

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