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Comment Re:Adobe lost my upgrade Dollars (Score 1) 89

Worse, Adobe's decision is having serious fallout for other communities like the photographer community that historically always used Photoshop for their touch-up work because it integrated well with Lightroom. Even though they haven't been stupid enough to make LR cloud-only, there are a lot of folks who are very unhappy with the current state of affairs.

Yep. I'll be sticking with LR4 and CS6 until they no longer meet my needs, then I'll be re-evaluating other offerings. They can say they won't switch LR to a subscription based model, but after having CS pulled out from under me like that, I'm not going to take the chance.

Comment Re:Gracious Outrage (Score 1) 219

The only real surprise here is that UNL is ditching Notes; that it's moving to a Microsoft product is a given at this point. (If you know the University's relationship with MS)

So long as I can setup imap/pop to pull mail to another client, I really don't care what they transition to so long as I never have to open Notes ever again.

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