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Comment Re:No Cash Left (Score 2) 166

The guy has got buckets of money. He just managed to spend $4.5M on a splashy political campaign in NZ. In a country of 4 million people that's a very expensive campaign.

He's been spending mountains of money on lawyers to delay and delay his extradition hearings. Anyone without his resources would have been deported by now, not living in a mansion on bail.

Comment Re:What about long-term data integrity? (Score 1) 438

Photography is a keen hobby of mine and I have roughly 4Tb of photos dating back to my first DSLR in 03. And yes I do a rather thorough pass of removing photos that are not good, duplicates or otherwise not worth keeping from every shoot I do. Raw files from Canons 22 megapixel 5DMkIII are 40 - 45Mb a pop. Jpegs aren't any use to me.

Comment Re:The Fix: Buy good Chocolate! (Score 1) 323

Hi, another kiwi here. If you want to taste chocolate as good as it can get then grab a few bars from Wellington Chocolate Factory They do bars made from single farms or villages, treated well, so you can really taste the differences in the beans used.

That's why I say grab a few bars, tasting them against each other is startling how different and complex the flavours can be.

If you're in Wellington, call in and see them, they're friendly and will feed you amazing things. - I'm not affiliated with them, just a very happy customer.

Comment Re:Lytro's 3-D is inherently limited (Score 5, Interesting) 79

As long as you've got enough parallax to work out the depth information from your scene, you can push the effect to recreate viewpoints that are wider then you have real data for.

You will end up with tiny slivers of image that you don't have pixel data for when there's a foreground element that diverges more then it did before, but that's easy to recreate. All post converted 3d films have this problem to an even greater extent, there's algorithms out there to clone the surrounding pixels or even use pixels from other frames if the object is moving through the scene

There are lightfield cameras out there that instead of using a single chip, they use an array of small cameras (think cell phone cameras) The adobe one is 500 Megapixels

See the research by Todor Georgiev The Lytro camera is a nice cheap toy, but there's some stunning results form researchers.

Comment Re:Which way will it go? (Score 2) 184

Another NZer here.

The difference in approach is that Airbus bet the farm on big planes travelling between hubs, then small (A320 sized) planes taking people to their final destination.

Boeing has bet the farm on smaller long range planes taking people exactly where they want to go.

It's going to be interesting if one of them has hit the winning formula, or if there's enough competition and different habits to support both approaches.

Comment Re:There is another issue and it is a constant one (Score 2) 180

In film land and the visual effects industry where the 2k was standard long before HDTV was invented, it' was always a measure of the horizontal pixel dimension.

It makes sense because you would start with a 2048x1536 scan from the 35mm Frame (4/3 aspect ratio) and cut off the top and bottom to reach 2048x853 2.35:1 aspect ratio seen in the cinema. These days you also work with a mask at 2048x1152 that matches the 16:9 or 1.77 aspect ratio used in HD tv.

The delivery back to the editor is often the full 4/3 frame which gives them room to rack the picture up or down per shot. This lets them frame the theatrical release and the Bluray release slightly differently, mostly in scenes where peoples heads are near the top of frame and you want control over how close they are to the edge of frame.


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