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Submission + - BlackBerry creative director caught using iPhone (

An anonymous reader writes: So it looks like Alicia Keys the new "creative director" for BlackBerry doesn`t have too much love for the new BlackBerry Z10 she SHOULD be using. Why? Well she`s been sending tweets from her iPhone thats why.

Submission + - Watching Porn is Bad For Mobile Devices (

halls-of-valhalla writes: "A web security firm called Blue Coat has discovered that nearly one-quarter of malware on mobile devices comes from porn websites. They found that less than 1% of mobile traffic is porn-related, however when users do visit porn sites their risk of downloading malware triples.

Part of the problem, Blue Coat said, is that the nature of mobile devices makes differentiating legitimate sites from malicious ones a tricky task. There is no way to hover over shortened URLs to reveal their true destination, for example.

Security experts predict that broader-based cybercrime schemes are likely to appear on smartphones and tablets soon. For now though, mobile attacks appear to be mirroring techniques used on traditional computers. In addition, major security firms have widely predicted that this will be the year mobile devices will finally emerge as a major target for cybercriminals."

Comment Re:H1-B karma burner (Score 1) 250

I know it seems hard, but please make an attempt to read the complete sentence:

Having H1-B holders not make SS contributions seems reasonable to me -- if you want to tax H1-B activity, you can always just raise the fees for the visa itself, to get the same effect

See? You can do it. Reading Comprehension Assistance: He proposed increasing other fees to make up for removing unreasonable taxes.

Comment Re:Thanks! (Score 1) 184

GPs post was indeed excellent. Now If you

spend hundreds of hours every year maintaining MS-Windows domain authentication and authorization infrastructures

surely you have heard of Kerberos Tickets, Windows Integrated Authentication, Impersonation, WMI etc? (plus now there is WinRm and CredSSP) And surely it was obvious that in the GPs scenario, the terminal user is on the same AD domain as the remote server and is added to the appropriate domain or local security groups.

Comment Bluetooth ones are costlier, but... (Score 1) 270

The GP neglected to mention which bluetooth device he bought and for how much. This is a price gouging hole because of the lack of options in the market. I found that the OBDkey you linked to costs $160 for the bluetooth, and $350 for the WiFi version.

I had discovered this $50 alternative when I had been looking, but don't know if it will work as well as the more expensive ones. ~$50 is surely a much more decent and reasonable price though.

You can read the reviews which are ok, and it even works with the open source software, ScanXL, Scanmaster, etc. So it can't be all that bad.Several Free OBD2 software tools are listed on this page:
More open source ones here:

I also noticed a similar one on ebay which is more like $25. Again, no idea how good these actually are.

I have also read that bluetooth may not support sufficient bandwidth for realtime monitoring of modern ECUs with a large number of sensors, data etc. Wifi is better, but I haven't found anything actually affordable.

My own goal was a laptop-less self contained logging device that can be handed to my friends to simply plug in and go. That would allow me to log sensor data and analyse it later to diagnose intermittent issues that we cannot reproduce on demand. I didn't quite succeed in this. The most obvious option is the "Carchip", which turns out to be pretty lame. It can only record about 10 or so parameters and that only at 5 sec intervals. Many intermittent issues only last a few seconds so this would be useless for diagnostics. Its more a fleet management solution.

There aren't many other affordable datalogging devices. I finally bought the very expensive Auterra dashdyno, which turned out to be a huge disappointment also. It can log several times a second but is also limited to 16 pids. This wouldn't be such a problem if the user interface was not an absolute horror to use. I will leave that review for another post. This precludes it being used as a plug and go tool. It is for geeks only and needs babysitting.

I guess the next best idea is that I will buy that bluetooth device next and see if any data logging software is available. Also need to upgrade my phone to Android I guess. At least a laptop is not required, but still not the plug-and-log that I want :/

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