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Comment Re:What moron judge allowed this? (Score 2) 527

Hmmm... wonder if LavaBit can sue the Justice Department and the FBI for illegally restricting their commerce? IANAL, but damn sure wish I was...

True justice transcends "laws." There are unjust, unfair and unethical laws. Unfortunately, too many people believe that "the law is the law" and it cannot be changed. The civil rights movement wouldn't have (moved) if it weren't for the realization of the contrary (that some laws _should_ be changed).

Comment Re:Jesus! Can you say hyperbole? (Score 1) 853

I appreciate your thoughtful reply. Let me say, buddy, I don't disagree at all with anything you've said. My point was that the article as posted on slashdot is a pile of hyperbole (the kind of shit I hate reading here anymore).

What I'm trying to convey is that I'd be more than happy for Bushy to have any tool he thinks he needs to separate _criminals/terrorists/(the french, just kidding)_ from the means to further their causes. The difference is that it better be within the bounds of the Constitution; making a executive declaration that "I am king" would have the weight of law if it were not for the attentiveness of congress and the judiciary.

It's obvious I did a poor job conveying my true viewpoint; we need to get all the old-ass, incompetent, lying, power- and money- hungry assholes out of DC. There aren't enough level-headed people in Washington to save this great country. The problem is we need more people like you (and me?) in Congress and the Courts. We need more like-minded lawyers advising executives like Bushy saying "hey man, I'm pretty sure you can't do that," and "if you do that, you're going to throw us back 500 years." We need to put term limits on Congress to ensure we get fresh minds and perspectives in there.

It's obvious I'm a little romantic and naive about how United States works and what government's role here; they don't do what I'd do if it were me, and yet it's supposed to be a government "of the people." I find it so hard to believe that I'm the only person that feels the way I do; I sure can't find anyone in the present political landscape that has the same view of the world as me.

Comment Spying (Score 0) 293

I wonder how this will make people feel now that everyone is complaining about how the "government" is listening and recording phone calls and what have you. I would be curious to see what companies are using this technology and the reasons they give.

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