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Comment Re:Of course, (Score 1) 231

You seem to be unfamiliar with restaurants, but this isn't how the term is intended in the restaurant business. If that were the case, they would just list everything on the menu as "market price".

Print the price in the menu or having the server tells you the "market price" is not the market price. When the customer is willing to make the purchase, you have established a market price point. If your price is too high, even though you may call it "market price" it is not as you have not sold any.

It doesn't matter if it is a restaurant, a car lot, or a shoe store.

Again, there is what the term means and what you want it to mean, and you continue to confuse the two.

Comment Re:Of course, (Score 1) 231

True in practice, though it's a bit misleading as a practice. The terminology dates to fish taverns that had fixed prices for items with relatively stable prices, but varying "market price" for items where the wholesale cost to them varied significantly, resulting in them updating their retail price on a daily basis accordingly.

The definition of "market price" is impacted very little by cute stories that may or may not have any actual basis in history and not at all by what you want it to mean.

market price
The price of a commodity when sold in a given market.

It doesn't matter what it costs the seller to produce the good. Market price is what it can be sold for. If the seller's cost is higher than market price the seller has a problem. If the seller's cost is lower than market price, they have the potential to profit.

This concept is only difficult if you make it so.

Comment Re:I haven't read a bad review of it (Score 4, Interesting) 375

You act like people gravitate toward superior products, as opposed to the product with superior marketing.

You seem to think there is a differentiation between the two. If an inferior product reaches critical market mass through superior marketing, that mass often makes it the superior choice.

Betamax was superior to VHS, but the players were multiples of cost and the content was lacking. Although Betamax was superior for the engineer, VHS was superior for the consumer.

Comment Re:I haven't read a bad review of it (Score 2) 375

I've yet to see a complaint about the slate tablets, other than the app store for it not being matured.

While that may be true, I have also not seen any review that said the Microsoft tablet is superior to the iPad or Android offerings. The reviews usually sound like "the Surface is OK, but since there is no cost benefit, I'd get an iPad".

That is Microsoft's problem -- a me too product with no compelling advantage.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 5, Insightful) 82

But buying up startups then killing their work doesn't?

If startups can't get to version one, they have a tough time getting bought.

There is no perfect answer, but I'd rather have my work killed after getting bought/paid rather than squashed by patent suits and losing my investment.

Comment Re:not that interesting or new (Score 2) 289

AR-15 lower receivers are not, and have never been made as a stamped part (expect maybe a few mad scientists making one-of-a-kind prototypes). Neither does the AK-47 (a real one that is, they used milled receivers). The guns that 99% of people call AK-47s are actually variants of the AKM, a cheapier replacement for the AK-47, which uses a stamped receiver.

I would have posted as an AC too if making such an uninformed statement. Google "M16 stamped receiver". You will be enlightened. Both the M16 and AK-47 were designed to have, and regularly produced with, stamped receivers. And before you argue the M16 and AR-15 are not the same thing, you should Google that too and make yourself even more familiar with the Stoner design.

The Wikipedia reference might be a good place for you to start. It will be on the first page of your Google search.

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