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Comment a few choice offerings (Score 1) 268

Surprised these haven't been mentioned:
WTF w/ Marc Maron: Think Studs Turkel with a dash of Woody Allen. Interviews mainly comics, but has had some really huge guests (like Obama!)
Doug Loves Movies: Movie gameshow with stoner Doug Benson and his panel of guests, in front of a live audience.
Slate's The Gist: Mike Pesca and guests dish up a nice 30 minutes of news commentary.
CrimeTown: Who knew Rhode Island was so mob friendly?

Comment Linux desktops moment to shine? (Score 1) 328

Like some other MacBook Pro users, I'm really examining other options for the first time -- My next laptop will probably be a Dell XPS with Ubuntu, and this after decades (30+) of Mac use. If I was Canonical and Dell, I'd be marketing the shit out of Apple's... change of direction? I heard this morning that Apple wants to start making movies. It really does appear that Apple would prefer the more lucrative services markets then the poor return on hardware. I can't say I really blame them, but it really does feel to me like OS X has moved past its peak developers moment.

Comment And is likely to get smaller... (Score 3, Insightful) 228

My first computer was an Apple IIGS. I've owned more Macs then I can remember. I was responsible for Macs being adopted by my workplace. And yet, I very much doubt my next computer will be a Mac. Poor hardware choices are really the last straw. Chances are good my next rig will be a Dell XPS running Ubuntu.

Comment Re:Yet another result of decimated QA (Score 1) 256

I laugh every time someone rails against open-source. If only there was a company that has been successful building their business on open-source (google), or used open-source to improve their OS (apple), or even decided to ignore Microsoft's history of Linux FUD and adopt OS anyway (microsoft). Have you been to the valley?

Comment your wagon wheel broken there buddy? (Score 2) 302

Cable has shit the bed by maximizing cable profits to the detriment of the viewing experience (too many ads, extra fees for HD, too many bullshit channels) and now they complain that Netflix doesn't measure eyeballs the same way they do? Viewership ratings only matter to broadcasters that rely on advertising, Why should membership based Netflix be held to same metric? Who would that even benefit? I think a more interesting question is whats happening on Hulu, which is having its cake (subscribers) and eating it too (shows ads).

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