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Comment your wagon wheel broken there buddy? (Score 2) 302

Cable has shit the bed by maximizing cable profits to the detriment of the viewing experience (too many ads, extra fees for HD, too many bullshit channels) and now they complain that Netflix doesn't measure eyeballs the same way they do? Viewership ratings only matter to broadcasters that rely on advertising, Why should membership based Netflix be held to same metric? Who would that even benefit? I think a more interesting question is whats happening on Hulu, which is having its cake (subscribers) and eating it too (shows ads).

Comment Comcast Scumbags (Score 1) 229

Oh Comcast, your greed and overreaching could almost be comical. A few years ago I had basic cable, which ran straight into my TV, and all was well. I was able to watch HD versions of my local stations. Then, Comcast insists I adopt their new set-top box. Okay, so now I have an extra remote and another appliance I need to fit under the TV. Hey, but the good news I can't watch the HD channels I was already getting without paying another $120 a year. Flash-forward, and the only reason I still have a Comcast box is because it will save me no money at all to return it, because TV is bundled with Internet and Phone. But I still cord cut because I can watch everything I want in HD through Roku. Really, the only thing I don't watch is the local stations I had the cable for in the first place. Hey local TV stations... Comcast is fucking up your business by downgrading your signal quality. Hows that working out for you?

Comment Stupid by committee? (Score 1) 140

comcast is its own worst enemy. I have Comcast tv and internet, but I can't even give the TV cable away. Because of the bundled price, I wouldn't actually save any money but cutting the TV cable, but I rarely watch it because Comcast downgrades HD to SD in the hopes that I'll pay another 10 bucks a month to get HD back. I'd rather wait a day and watch it in HD over the internet. Fuck you Comcast. I hope it was worth the extra $120 a year to alienate customers, because as soon as I get any sort of choice in my area you guys are right out. To me, you sacrificed long term gain for short-term bullshit.

Comment Some insider insight (Score 4, Informative) 540

Background: worked at both Skywalker and Big Rock Ranches for over 15 years. There's a lot of misguided or snarky comments here and George deserves an advocate in this case:
  • GWL is not trying to make money on real estate. If he was, he would't be fooling around with apartment complexes, he'd be buying up more land in Marin because that property has been growing by leaps and bounds since 1990.
  • GWL has already donated a significant amount of the land he has bought in Marin to a group called MALT (Marin Agricultural Land Trust). It ensures that the land will remain farmland. *Significant* amounts of land.
  • GWL has always been committed to social justice issues. He doesn't make a big deal out of it. In fact, GWL is pretty low profile about a lot of the generous things he's done.
  • GWL has excellent taste in design and architecture. He's also put his money where his mouth is and built green buildings because it was the right thing to do, despite the cost. Both Big Rock Ranch and Letterman Digital were LEED Certified and they didn't really need to be. Big Rock and Skywalker are both models of how a complex can be integrated and fit into their natural surroundings. Both campuses are almost invisible from the road and even on campus, everything is well integrated into the environment. We should all be so lucky as to have GWL for a neighbor.

I'm not saying he's a saint or anything, but for a billionaire who has changed the shape of our culture, he's actually pretty down to earth. Don't get me wrong, we don't hang out or anything, but in my experience he's consistently gracious, well reasoned, and well intentioned. Mock him all you want for Star Wars decisions, but never question his integrity. He deserves better.

Comment Re:Discrimination *is* discrimnation (Score 1) 355

This comment is "Score 5: Insightful"? Really? I'm with you about discrimination being a wider issue, but then you bring up the Democrats without making a real point. You are welcome to your political beliefs, but you'll need to craft a better argument then "those Dem's think its okay to discriminate." If you want to just shout your ideology without backing it up, go for it, but you scuttled a potentially interesting conversation by getting all "mouth-breathery."

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