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Comment Re:Brazil! (Score 1) 1222

Help me out here, please. I like Brazil and I've probably watched it in full 10 times. However, I just don't fully "get it". I feel like I'm missing the deeper meaning that the film intends.

My Google-fu fails me here and I've never been able to completely figure the movie out. My last few viewings have been more analysis (looking for symbolism in *everything*) so I'm not getting as much from the movie as I'd like.

I think I get it on a high level (dystopian, capitalism, social commentary, etc) but I feel like I'm missing the true meaning and message of the film, which I also feel is there. Most of the movies I watch are for entertainment, but when it seems there's much more to it, I really want to understand it.

Can someone break it down for me?

Comment Off to prison? (Score 1) 215

So who's going to prison? Not for harming shareholders (who cares about them!). But for injuring/killing countless people who used their faulty tests to make medical decisions?

That should be the real story here. Create a false company, pull in $9B of investment money, generate life-threatening product, go to prison. At least, that's how it should work.

Comment Re:Ergo! (Score 1) 452

Wish I could mod you up. Quality is decent for the price, but you can get it for $25 on sale, so even if it dies (my keyboards have been going fine for over 5 years) it's cheap to replace!

Comment Hubble Ultra Deep Field (Score 1) 185

Personally I prefer the 2004 Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Warmer picture (it's been my desktop background for the past 8 years), and the contrast and detail seem to be better (compare closer spiral galaxies) than the Extreme Deep Field. Lower noise as well.

The "exposure" time and sensitivity and science of the Extreme is impressive, but for viewing pleasure I'll take the HUDF.

Comment Hitachi DFT (Score 1) 297

Hitachi's (previously IBM's) Drive Fitness Test is the most thorough disk test I've used. It works on all makes, and has a "drive exerciser" that can loop a test sequence.

I've seen it find problems with drives that the manufacturer's own tools don't expose.

My policy is that if a drive survives 20 loops of the exerciser and then a full extended test that it's fit for production service.

Comment Re:This article about Dave Shaw... (Score 2, Interesting) 233

There's also Jim Bowden. Held the record for deepest open-system dive for awhile (does it still stand???). Lost his buddy on the dive as well. Took 12+ hours!

He's an avid cave diver, spends his time exploring caves around Mexico, and works to preserve them.

He's also a NAUI instructor, which is how I know him. Got to spend a week learning from the best diver in the world (at the time), and he also is a really nice guy. He gets really serious when it comes to diving, though. I think you have to be a little crazy to do the things he's tried, but that doesn't mean you're stupid. He is well aware that every time he goes down, even with years of training, that he may not come back up.

A really remarkable guy, and it was an honor to learn from him.

Comment Re:I'm a professional Malware removal guy. Literal (Score 5, Interesting) 319

Yep. You don't have to click on anything to get infected. We've had a couple of our systems infected over the past couple of months. What scares me is:

1. We were running the latest version of Firefox
2. Acrobat Reader was fully patched (version 8, not 9. But, we have to leave the JS enabled)
3. Adobe Flash was up-to-date
4. Windows was fully patched
5. We have web filters
6. They got past 2 layers of IDS/IPS and 3 layers of antivirus scanners (different engines)
7. Users are NOT admins!!!

Since then, we have switched to a few new products and attempted to tighten things up even more, but these things have gotten incredibly complex. In one case, it was a triple attack. The Flash ad (0-day exploit) loaded an exploited PDF (0-day exploit) that took advantage of a 0-day IE exploit (keep in mind we use Firefox), which compromised the system. We have a nuke-from-orbit policy on any system we suspect has been infected, but what a waste of time!

It was hosted from a site in India. The user was on Yahoo's website (we've had 4 infections through Yahoo's ads). They did NOT click on anything!

Be very afraid!

Comment Give Spiceworks a try! (Score 1) 251

We use Spiceworks mainly for ticketing, and they make regular updates (about every month or two) that increase usability. It has come leaps and bounds over the past couple of years.

And, it only takes 10 minutes to setup. Try it!

Oh, and it's free (ad supported). You can pay $200/year or so if you don't want the ads. Their support is quick and they have an active user community.

Comment Re:An alternative hypothesis (Score 1) 164

I'm not sure what you mean by no evidence of the gas explosion outside of Houston in 1992 (if this is what you are referring to), since a quick Google search returned this as the first result:

I was on my way to high school and could feel/hear the result while driving my car. Lived in NW Houston at the time. Parents later said they thought it was an earthquake, although they knew it was not really possible due to the type of soil in the area. Discussed it with a few friends at school, and we dismissed it as a weird fluke, but found out the cause that evening on the news. We never would have guessed that's what it was.

I have no opinion on Dr. Kundt's theories, but I have anecdotal evidence regarding the gas explosion outside of Houston.

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