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Comment from mud to mud (Score 1) 881

Well, IBM is who pulled microsoft out of mud and out of being completely nothing. ibm-dos, os/2 is what microsoft based their crappy ms-dos and windows over. As well, IBM platform became microsoft home and world of their dominance. And file formats they proprietarized first was most of IBM (f.ex. BMP and others).

Seems that the time, for putting microsoft back to where they came form, has come. I hope IBM will do it's best on this mission.

important is avoiding to use proprietary, closed file and streaming formats . sure, never ever using proprietary&closed libraries and modules, too.
You know all the companies suffering (and only suffering) from using proprietary formats. Even the one i am working in. Everywhere around is stinking IIS exchange, doc and xls stuff.

May the power (of OSS) be with You!

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