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Comment Re:Probably because SETI is a waste of time (Score 1) 312

2. If our theories about the Singularity are true, by the time our light reaches other stars, within another 1000 years or so we'll be roaring in on starships, running self replicating machinery that systematically converts all matter into more useful products. The presence of post-singularity humanity will be completely impossible to miss. Thus, the reason we cannot see other civilizations doing the same thing is because we are the first one in our region of space.

In formal logic false=>x for every x, so if you start a phrase taking the singularity theory as true, that phrase has zero meaning.

Comment Re:The Retreat Continues? (Score 0) 277

You are right, and the comments are totally deluded or outright shills, molten salt reactors are unproven and if your goal is to see reductions in carbon emissions is extremely stupid to have more hope in those kind of nuclear reactors than in proven removable energy sources that have been improving their efficiency for decades now and are close to the point where they're economically superior to fossils.

Comment Re:50 years ago (Score 1) 298

And who cares? Those people are 70 years old or more now, and old people always think things have gotten worse. New technology replaces old technology, and the space industry is still improving. We no longer make silly symbolic flights to the moon but the really important stuff, satellite technology, is ages ahead. Better energy productions methods are appearing. Nuclear is no longer the promise of the future. Now go back to bed granpa.

Comment Re:Programming? (Score 1) 315

I'm sorry discussions about semantics are very boring to me, but I don't know why are you so fixated in numbers, CS is about processing (or computing of) information. The way you put that in the other posts seemed to me like referring to computer architecture, witch is part, but not the same, of computer science.

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