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Comment Re:Socialism! (Score 2) 482

The owner decided to do this of his own free will, regardless of what his motive was. That's the point of freedom. You're allowed to choose. Under socialism, your choices are far more limited. As with most forms of collectivism, either things are mandatory or they're prohibited.

Under capitalism, the people with the money have LOTS of choices. The vast majority of us, not so many choices.

Comment A losing battle (Score 1) 1105

What could we possibly do to prevent such attacks? Treat every such event like a presidential visit? Bomb-sniffing dogs everywhere? Police swarming the area? All buildings on the route thoroughly searched? Every spectator searched?

We live in a free country; stuff like this is the price we pay. What is the alternative? A police state?

Terrorists can't destroy a country, they can only scare a country into destroying itself.

Comment America is not in the "middle" between D's and R's (Score 2) 249

There is a myth that the Democrats and Republicans are on the ends of some primitive spectrum, and that "moderates" are somewhere in between. This is false. Check out Glenn Greenwald's piece on Obama (, one of the many commentators pointing out that Obama is a Republican in almost all ways. The "real" Republicans have to go off the edge in order to distance themselves from Obama. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

I want decent healthcare reform, an end to foreign wars, everyone paying their fair share of taxes, a level playing field in the business world so capitalism can do what it does best. Neither the D's nor the R's support this.

There is no political party in America that represents my beliefs.

Comment Re:Oh, Please...! (Score 1) 126

Bennett Haselton is an expert in this kind of stuff, so he's sharing his expertise. Let the weapons experts share their expertise in that area. Nothing skewed about this.

Why not help people in other countries who are trying to get free speech? Would you have told those uppity American colonialists "This land is ruled by Great Britain. If you don't like it, move."?


Factory To Make Biodiesel From Chicken Fat 207

telekon writes "Tyson foods has finally found a use for chicken fat and leftover food grease that isn't McNuggets — they've partnered with Syntroleum to produce biodiesel from the stuff. Their first plant in Louisiana will be able to churn out 75 million gallons a year. The question is, will the exhaust smell like fried chicken?"

The Science of the Lightsaber 197

Smartcowboy writes "Chances are that you have seen a lightsaber at one time or another, whether on the evening news or down at the local cantina. Therefore you know that a lightsaber is an amazing and versatile device that is able to cut through nearly anything in a matter of milliseconds. Have you ever wondered how these remarkable weapons work? Where does the energy come from, and how are they able to contain that energy in a rod-like column of glowing power? In this article, you will have a chance to look inside a lightsaber and discover the source of its incredible characteristics." I was sure the blade was made from the focused hate and disappointment of the last three movies.

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