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Comment man made climate change just another scam. (Score 1) 791

My God climate change is a total scam. Al Gore lied in the video. British courts ruled as such!! More scientists signed with full disclosure the petition against man made global warming theory, saying it IS BUNKUM than signed the IPCC climate paper, which was done in a highly compartmentalised way, so that most of the scientists who even signed it either rescinded their signatures, or did not agree with the conclusion which was NOT endorsed by the whole of the community. But as I said, a lot more scientists have signed on that it is bunkum that say it is real. Al Gore is a politician! endorsed by the OSCARS for crying out loud. My god... when will people WAKE UP.... more important things to worry about like depleted uranium being used on Iraqis torture and massive drug running operations by the CIA, and the fact that on 911 the towers fell down at free fall speed have a look at architects and engineers for 911truth and see how many renowned and experienced architects say that the claim that no explosives were used was a scam and a lie by the media and the military that runs the countries. It's a scam just like the 1970's swine flu where the vaccine killed more than the flu did by like 1000 to 1, and paralysed many more, and just like asbestos is safe, ddt is safe, cigarettes are good for your health and oh yeah, the 1970's global COOLING propaganda, where we were all going to die in the future ice age... they were all so serious and certain yet WHO took responsibility for the alarm and panic every time... SCAM SCAM SCAM...

Comment Re:Internet Cencorship (Score 1) 115

Oh and just to add to my point on vaccination although that was just one of many issues pertaining to public information and what they consider "approved information sources" (aka the pentagon and big pharma!) - just on vaccination - these are people who are exposing the fact that many vaccinations are poorly tested, contain monkey and other animal dna without the knowledge of the recipient of the drug and contain mercury based preservatives that have no medical benefit and are only used to preserve the drug itself. Highly questionable to inject mercury into your body! Anyway just so you know that these are not real crack pot conspiracy sites we are takling about - they are simply trying to roll all free information INTO conspiracy crack pot theory type sites in an attempt to discredit truthful information that harms their evil corporate bottom line belly. The truth is, that this is propagandists and corporatists that are doing this.

Mussolini, the dictator of Italy during WW2 said that Fascism was the wrong name for Fascism, he said it should instead be called Corporatism because that is in reality what it is, it is the use of the state by corporations to control the will of the people. This is done through propaganda and coercion and finally by force. I think this is what we see in the USA today very sadly and I think the founding fathers would have led a second revolution if they were alive today, hanging the Bushes and the McCains and the Obamas, and restoring democracy by the individual and protection of liberties and the proper use of the local court systems to get things done, having individuals and communities take care of their own problems and get the federal government out of individuals personal affairs.


Submission + - Is your printer ripping you off?

An anonymous reader writes: Are original inkjet cartridges really worth the high cost? Do third party refill inks do as good a job? This article looks at printers from Epson, HP, Canon and Lexmark, with a combination of original inks and the top selling the top selling third pary options, using a whole host of different papers. A panel of printer users judged the ouput in a blind test — the printer manufacturers may not be happy with the results! /04/21/The-Inkjet-Investigation/p1

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