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Journal Journal: Michael is gone

He gave me his password. He is really sick of the crap here.

Update: And posting his personal info in this JE is crap also.

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Journal Journal: Due the children on Slashdot I am leaving (again) 4

Well I am going to try to quit Slashdot again, this time I found another discussion board I will hang out that does not allow for anonymous posts. I just can not deal with the children here at Slashdot. Yes I know by leaving I am letting them win, but I don't care let them have their victory, it does not matter to me, it is about time I out grow this childish excuse of a site. My friends that I like here I have made contact with outside of it; I will keep in touch the best I can.

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Journal Journal: Immature children 9

Today was a pain in the *** I had a bunch of immature children flood my site from Slashdot and post that stupid gnaa stuff. When will these children grow up? I spent about ½ and hour deleting their posts and doing an IP ban on them, yes I know they probably are on dynamic IP, that is why I put a notice in the 403.shtml file explaining why said IP is banned from my web site. I could, if I wanted to, do a reverse nslookup and report to their provided their activities but that would take to much time, and is not worth it, and I doubt that their providers would really care, since many of them were coming out of Mexico.

update, do to all the crap flooding I had to globaly turn off all comment posting to my site, What the fuck do these children think they are going to do by doing this, other getting hated.

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Journal Journal: Finally it is over 1

It's over for us now. No more telemarketers calling about voting for this person or that person or this issue or those issues. No more hate filled campaigns, I think every one had some hate in them also, I am guilty of this too, for the hate I was wrong. I am glad it is over, and we all can get back to living our lives. To the people out there who are happy the Republicans won, don't gloat to much. To those who are unhappy the Democrats lost, you have the chance in 2 years to try to swing it the other way, try to be optimistic. As for me I think I am going to be changing parties to the Constitution party. I do like what they have to say more then the Republicans, I know they don't have chance of winning major elections, hence I was cheering for the Republicans the night of Nov 2nd. As for my personal blog that when to political for a while, I think I will there not post anything political for a long time, I am burned out on politics for now. The one sad thing left now, is that the country is still polarized, and I don't know if we as a nation can over come this, I hope and pray that I am wrong.
Maybe we can get moving on to other things in our lifes.

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Journal Journal: It is truly a great day to be a Republican 2

We not only took the Electoral vote, we took the popular vote with a 2/3 turn out! We also took the Senate and the House. It was a good day not to sleep, a good day to be a Republican. Now it time to site back and see where they take us for a nice ride. Now if we can bring the Republican Party back to the right a bit more.


Journal Journal: Advice for those considering a third party 2

submited this to slashdot, but it got rejected, I will just post it here to see if I get some feed back.

This year's election has been one of interested, and hate on the part of the two major parties. It has to make one think about the validity of jumping to a third party, be it libertarian, green, constitution, constitutional. What advice would the Slashdot crowd give to some one considering a third part, what are good questions to ask of people that are already in the party one might be looking at. Other concerns, is voting in the primaries at the beginning of the year important, what parties have primaries. Are primaries really that important?


Journal Journal: Humm, dilemma time! 1

Posted in my main blog, but I will post it here to since it is (IMHO) very very important.

Well I been looking into things and came across this site of the constitution party

And here is what is getting my attention
Sanctity of Life

Religious Freedom

I am not so sure on this one Taxes I HATE taxes as much as the next person, but we can not just cut them, there are some programs that are not really in the constitution but many on all sides of the fence would say are needed, how would we fund them??? so I don't think I would really agree with this one.

or this one Welfare I will be the first to admit there are major major major problems with the current welfare system, but there are some though no fault of their own can not work (physical problems of one sort or another) there should be some way for these people to be cared for, and since people are not as religious as they use to be, and there is a major problem in America of selfishness (unless you can posse how to fix that with out forcing religion on people) we will need a safety net, not one as big as the one we have not, but something.

But all in all: I think they might, just might, I think maybe they are closer to what I believe then the Republicans, I am going to really have to site down and think about this one. I now have a dilemma, and I now have less then a month to sort it all out.

I still know who I am going to vote for Persident, but for the rest? humm? Well maybe not, I am going to mail the pres candidate and see what he says, I should let him defend himself, well lets see what comes of it, I will probably post here the results one way or the other.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot an adiction?

Maybe I just can not stay away for too long, I start to get the withdraw symptoms. Even though it is hyper liberal, I still like the tech news that they have.

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Journal Journal: 2 is up, what is ConGeek. Well congeek will be what you make of it. A friend of mine and I are tring to see if we can put together an anser to the ultra bias of slashdot, so it will be for "The Conservative Geek" so take a look at and enjoy.

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Journal Journal: Good by slashdot 5

I think I will be leaving slashdot, Why, because I only posted 3 times this week, and got a ban on my computer's IP, for "excesive bad posting" Well if 3 posts that the slasdot editors don't like is excisive bad posting, well fuck them and good buy, I guess I will not be getting any more subscriptions eather. good by helldot. I know I am not popluare here for be 1) conservitive and 2) Chirstian but to try to censore me because you hate them, while out of the other side of you mouth, you shit out you don't censer, I say fuck you and good by.

For my friends, you can (if you wish) keep up with me over at my blog I have also setup a BB there, it will be what ever people make of it. I don't think it will be there to much longer since people are not using it, if it starts to get used I will keep it.

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Journal Journal: Where is your new blog 3

Since Slashdot is haveing the 503 problem almost all the time, I see alot of my friends, are now moving their blogs off of slashdot, to other sites. I have mine over at my web site my question is where are you keeping your blogs. Hay maybe I will even link to them from my web site.

Red Warrior, I would love to link to yours if you have one.
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Journal Journal: my new hosting service and what will become of this blog?

Well I got hosting for my domain, and I setup a blog there. I still will write in here from time to time, but I think I will do more in the blog, that is where this stuff belongs, you can see it at . I have included my first post there here. but I don't think I will do that in the future. If I can use an exteranl app and maybe wireless stuff, I might post there more often. Well here it is

Well what does this world need, another Blog. Well for a while I was doing this over at but wanted more control over it, so here I am putting a blog on my web site. So here it is. Well for the first blog I have allot to put here. First I finally put up the money to buy some web hosting (thanks to the kind folks at for hosting my site, give them a try if you are looking for cheap but good web hosting) Second I fixed up my web site a bit more so it is not so hard on the eyes. Third I have become the web master for the Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Schools web site, right now it is not much it is only in demo mode, but you can view it at So now I get to work on four websites, my churches web site ( PALS and my own personal website. Maybe I should make my personal one better since I hope people will view it now. Forth at work we have a demo coming up on the 13th of July, oh joy of joy, I hate demos, the only good
thing about them is I get to do more debugging then normal. Ok I am an odd person I enjoy debugging. Well finally the Pittsburgh 3 rivers Regatta is coming up I think I just might bike down on the forth to watch the fireworks down at the point. The good thing is that one the way back is I probably beat all the drivers I be back home before half of them will be able to get on the highway.

I will put a copy of this on my Slashdot blog, but be pointing back to here.

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Journal Journal: gmail

Ok so one of my coworkers talked me into signing up for gmail. well lets see what the big deal is all about. also I got my bose signed up for orkut today. We do social network software so orkut should be something that she might be intersted in, I though I send her an invite ther because she was talking about the value of friendster.

Oh ya feel free to mail me at if this works out I might just start to move my mail ther and ditch the dsl and land line and get a cable modem, that is the ony thing holding me on the dsl, and the need for a land line, I would love to kill that damn line, is the email, but I need a good service I would like to move all my mail to and I would like to have a 3 month overlap to make sure evey one I know gets the update, and I probably would have to "spam" every one at lest once to let them know of the email update, if you know of some good mail servers (paid or free, let me know so I can look into it, I am thinking I would like a pop one, just so I can download my messages into my current mail readder)

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Journal Journal: So the Instatute has started

And you would think programmers around the world (I thought it was just from the US, but we got people from austrilia, and china also) and a good amount of them can not even follow simple instructions on how to do a simple netregister of their MAC address, aahhh. Oh well, my boss does sound good up giving her talk. Also our group here at CMU was featured in one of the local papers, for its work on simulations

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