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Comment Re:No GPIO? No Sale! (Score 1) 205

LattePanda ?

I'm currently considering one of these for a DSP/Synth project I am working on. Although that will still have a small squadron of smaller boards (including 'Pis) working with it.

I love the horsepower, memory potential, and especially the M2 connection of the SolidRun but, as you said, for my uses GPIO etc is a must

Comment Re:Why is Windows 10 the benchmark? (Score 2) 205

"every book I've read, every professor I've talked to, every lecture I've attended" pretty much says it all.

Some of us have been in this game a long time. Decades. Some of us still love the subject and, unlike the more recent crop of 'developers' still care about efficiency and choosing the right tool for the job. Smaller, more efficient, low power consuming and easy to program 8/16 bit units are used all the time, and for good reason. An RTOS does add additional overheads and can consume precious clock cycles and, thus, current. Sometimes that trade off is worthwhile but, increasingly in the world of IoT, the relevance of these 'ancient' ideas are again being seen as critically relevant.

Given your comment, I can only assume you are still in school or have only just left it. That means that, no matter how good your academic record is, and no matter how clever you think you have been with any little amateur/school projects you might have completed , you are still wet behind the ears and, apparently, quite arrogant. Give it a couple of years before shooting your mouth off as, while not all, quite a few of your elders are your betters.

PS. Good move on posting as an AC. It might have saved you a few lost job interviews.


German Police Allowed To Use Its Own "Federal Trojan" ( 50

An anonymous reader writes: The German Interior Ministry has approved for investigative use a spying Trojan developed by the German Federal Criminal Police (a so-called "federal Trojan"). In fact, it could end up being used as early as this week. The police will have to get a court order to use the spyware, and prove that the suspect is involved in a crime threatening citizens' "life, limb or liberty". The malware has been developed in-house, and has been available since autumn 2015. It is supposed to be used only for so-called telecommunication surveillance at the source, i.e. to read emails, chats and wiretap phone calls made by the target via his or her computer or smartphone, and not to access files, steal passwords, or set up video or audio surveillance via the device.

Comment Re:that's sad (Score 1, Troll) 56

Given just how noxious most rocket fuels are and, no doubt, the number of safety corner cut in the rush to beat the Soviets, I suspect that most of these facilities are far too contaminated to be economically rehabilitated for any other use in the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:Dear George R R. Martin (Score 2) 522

One can tell you have probably never written anything longer than a snarky comment comprising of a handfull of sentences on /.

If by this you infer that Martin is a 'Grumpy old man' then you have to be, at least mentally and intellectually, a 'Hasty immature child'.

Wordperfect on DOS was close to perfect for writing. WordStar was not far behind and, in fact, provided the virtually standard program editor keystrokes on microcomputers for many years. You could write as the muse took you, never needing to faff around with a mouse, or wave your hands against an increasingly greasy touch screen. The modern GUI type interfaces may work well for 'bears of very little brain' but real writers much prefer to get ideas from their heads into the computer with as little interruption and distraction as possible.

Why not go research a little more, before being disrespectful to someone who has likely been far more productive and successful than yourself, and subsequently shooting your mouth off.

Comment Re: France is obsolete today. (Score 1) 506

Telling people that their countries are not countries is insulting and just because you say it isn't doesn't make it right.

All of the bodies you cite are ephemeral modern organisational groups who will have a terminology to suit their uses and conveniences. Just because they choose to redefine something for their convenience doesn't make it a fact outside of their organisation.

Your choice of organisations to cite is also very amusing since most of them, except CERN, do have rather dubious reputations in many parts of the World. and I know a great many people, and likely many countries and nations, who would not accept their authority should they try to redefine ideas of nationality and country boundaries. And, frankly, were you really reaching to find something when you included CERN ?

Comment Re:Wander into a bar holding up a video camera (Score 1) 921

Are you saying Google glass is a religion?
Tech toys tend not to be as central to peoples lives as religion.

You get an F- for comprehension.

I am not saying it is a religion and I cannot see how anyone who actually reads with an intent to comprehend, rather than get off on deluding themselves they made a clever point, would infer that. I gave an example of not giving in to people who who hold an extreme position.

Go back and do the lesson again and try for a better mark next time.


Comment Re: France is obsolete today. (Score 1) 506

I didn't forget Northern Ireland but was talking about countries.

Northern Ireland is not a country by itself but is usually referred to as a province or region of the UK. There are many in Northern Ireland who consider themselves to be ethnically Irish and who's family lines and roots in that region pre-date the 'invasions' by the English and the Scottish Protestants. It was mostly these 'immigrants' who were concentrated in this area who forced the country to be partitioned in 1921 when the rest of Eire was given independence and became the Irish Free State. In many sporting and cultural events, many Northern Irish residents compete for Ireland, rather than Great Britain or the UK.

Northern Ireland is a very complex place/issue but, in and of itself, it is not a country

Comment Re: France is obsolete today. (Score 1) 506

Amusing but most British know that the correct response to 'England? Where's that?" is "Ah. You're an American. You have my fullest sympathies and I hear there are now therapies to help alleviate the symptoms. Just go to your psychiatrist and ask for a prescription of 'Education'. Hopefully, despite the indications, the FDA haven't yet officially banned it " :)

Comment Re: France is obsolete today. (Score 1) 506

Well, excuse me for not taking the uneducated opinion of arbitrary people on the Internet seriously.

While it may come as a shock to you, countries existed before the UN and NATO, and will continue to exist after those organisations are long defunct.

Perhaps you need to educate yourself a little bit more before insulting 50+ million people with your rubbish and learn that there are countries outside of the UN that are still considered but their inhabitants, and others, to be countries.

Comment Re: France is obsolete today. (Score 1) 506

You might (just about - if you are lucky and the Rugby isn't on the TV) survive saying that in a pub in one of the UK's constituent countries, but we natives consider them to be countries, as do most discussions and articles I have ever read about the Acts of Union :)

I would call the UK the nation (as would most Brits) which is comprised of the constituent countries. I don't argue that they are not also nations - they are - but a nation can be seen as a much more nebulous entity, often more to do with cultural identity, than distinct geographic boundaries alone.

Comment Re:Wander into a bar holding up a video camera (Score 1) 921

Obviously there were other' there who don't buy into her story. How about just not wearing Google glasses in bars? How hard would that be?

You mean like 'How about not practising a non XYZ religion when intolerant XYZ fundamentalists are around?

Why not apply some brain cells? How hard would that be?

She was using legal technology that has capabilities similar to most mobile phones and tablets in use today. Most likely the abusive asses who caused this conflict in the first place (and probably you, yourself) have such technology. Should we all yell, scream and bay like a pack of rabid wolves when someone takes out a cell phone with a camera, or a tablet? That one it has become fashionable for one form of the same technology to be vilified is hardly a trend worth respecting, if only because it is retarded. Go after all cameras in a public place (including the ones you carry) if you really feel that way.

What about the bar itself? Its extremely unlikely that it had no security cameras - did those same idiots, including the one who physically assaulted her, and stole her device (illegally, unlike her) not consider that? What about any other bar, shop, workplace, street, etc that they have walked down? Do they go around with balaclavas and baseball bats smashing the cameras in case they are recorded?

These people, and the people who go off half cocked in support of them and their criminal actions really need to start thinking reasonably and logically.

Oh, and before you mention reports of who hit who first, just remember that had these people not been confrontational then it would have never escalated to that level and you don't know the level of threat that was presented. Additionally, it should be reasonable to assume that she was right in feeling threatened since, were this not the case, this would never have come to pass.

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