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Comment Re:Written just for us.. (Score 1) 165

This has been really fun... You know we were talking about a TV show, right? America just elected a black man to the office of President and so far he has received over 500 death threats... Yeah, somehow he's still way more mellow than you.

Rethink your definition of personal attack, and while you're at it rethink your priorities as a human being, k?

This started as funny, but that last comment turned my stomach. I'm out.

Signatures are for pussies

Comment Re:Written just for us.. (Score 1) 165

How fucking impossible is it to believe that I legitimately enjoy it

Really? Two comments and you're dropping the f-bomb and <i>'s about a TV show on a Slashdot story about a different TV show? Listen, it's gonna be ok! Go outside and enjoy the real world. You gotta chill the fuck out man! You got shotgun and killing spree written all over your future, dude...


..but seriously, new Futurama totally sucks.

Comment Re:Written just for us.. (Score 1) 165

Bender's Big Score and Bender's Game were classic material

Bender's Big Score REFERENCED a lot of classic material... big difference, haven't seen BBG yet, not the superfan you are i guess...

Sorry for being so argumentative... is a really nice site and you must have put a lot of work into it. I can understand why you need to believe.

Comment Re:Written just for us.. (Score 2, Insightful) 165

Futurama is still funny...

...and Dave Matthews TOTALLY Rocks... I'm with you dude!

oh, and Indy 4... Well that's just a story that HAD to be told!

Yeah... i'm not usually confrontational, but you're gonna need to open your doe eyes and let in some harsh reality... World hoarding stereotypical jews and bisexual tentacle monsters are just hollow reminders of Jurassic Bark and Godfellas. Most of us would agree you can tell the difference between passion for the writing and "wow you mean i can still get a check for that?"

Comment Re:HBO? (Score 1) 165

I remember a show called "Mad Movies with the LA Connection" - they did lip sync to old movies and inserted the most absurdly hilarious stories that would mesh with whatever happened in the movie... Picture Casablanca being the story of two people booking a vacation to Atlantic City... That was lol funny, but i was 15 so it has probably lost most of its luster..

Comment Written just for us.. (Score 1) 165

Looks like Cinematic Titanic is still bringing the can't help but laugh out loud funny... Favorite clip in the trailers is when they cut to a shot of one of those giant '50's control panel and a voice says "Now THERE's a switch!"

MST3K.. What a perfect blend of the stupidest and most esoteric humor... like Futurama back when IT was funny.

Submission + - Vista SP1 coming... someday

mpitcavage writes: This article appears on Computerworld today about the availablity of Vista SP1. The article says that the beta of the service pack may be released some time this year. The article also quotes Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell:

"It's early days yet, and we're broadly happy with how we're seeing Vista adoption, but we always expected that the business uptake would be driven by their needs rather than the availability of Vista [SP1]"
By their needs? Why would he want Vista to fail?

Journal Journal: Java or Perl 5

Had to pick which language to start a new server side project in, only languages on the table are Java and Perl... which do you pick? Go!

Submission + - Wikipedia admins go on rampage

joeszilagyi writes: After their passwords got cracked: At least four different Wikipedia administrators have had their weak passwords taken in the past 24 hours. They deleted the home page repeatedly, and one person even put Tubgirl on the "Site notice", which is a global header for all of How did it happen? Weak logon security measures — there is no CAPTCHA; crappy passwords, and on top of that, while there is an encrypted SSL logon page, it's hard to find. The scariest thing is that people with passwords of "password" are entrusted as sysops and administrators on one of the Top 10 websites on Earth. They even blocked Jimbo Wales repeatedly from his own website!
United States

Submission + - Hans Reiser Saga

Krish writes: Steve Huff has this well researched story on Hans Reiser, Nina Reiser and Sean Sturgeon.

One thing seems pretty clear to me, whether Sturgeon was a killer or not — between whatever was wrong with him, and Hans Reiser's egomania and being a workaholic, Nina Reiser, in the end, really couldn't win.

First Dynamically Balancing Biped Robot 155

damg writes "Anybots, which is three guys led by Trevor Blackwell, has developed the first robot that walks like we do, by dynamically balancing itself rather than being pre-programmed for walking like Asimo. The video shows the robot walking and being pushed by another 'bully' robot to demonstrate that it can't easily be pushed over."

North Korea's Secret Biochemical Arsenal 321

mattnyc99 writes "Popular Mechanics has an in-depth report on North Korea's biological and chemical weapons stock, which has been developed in secret and has gone largely unnoticed amidst the country's nuke threat. From the article: 'North Korea's Chemical and Bioweapons (CBW) program appears to be modeled on that of the former Soviet Union, which covertly constructed a massive biological weapons infrastructure within the shell of a civilian research organization called Biopreparat. Inside Biopreparat, the Soviets developed deadly agents that included weaponized forms of anthrax and pneumonic plague. Intelligence reports from the United States and South Korea list anthrax, smallpox, pneumonic plague, cholera and botulism toxins as leading components of North Korea's bioweapons projects.' "

Why Johnny Can't Code 686

GoCanes writes "Salon has an article named 'Why Johnny Can't Code,' an interesting examination of the dearth of line programming languages available today. At first I wanted to read this and say aha, here's a simple line oriented language that's available through open source, but after reading the article I couldn't find any. And being an old fart, I remember the days spent with edlin and basic."

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