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Comment Open letter to Slashdot posters (Score 1) 195

Crap, ok, sorry to rant on you Slashdot, but could you stop using the word "then" when you mean "than"? It really really makes you look illiterate. Even if English is not your first language it is not a difficult rule. If I have a large quantity of "A" compared with "B", I have more A *than* B. If B follows temporally after A, we say the sequence of events is "A *then* B". Sorry Slashdot, I know we have a thing about Grammar Nazis, it's just that this drives me nuts sometimes...

Comment Re:New Books Maybe Old Books Never (Score 5, Insightful) 669

Or maybe you could learn something about life by reading books that never go out of date?

Read "The Old Man and the Sea" and learn how a man can persist at his work and life despite the hardships thrown at him?

Read "The Great Gatsby" to gain some perspective on how yearning after wealth for its own sake is a futile pursuit?

Read just about anything. Your definition of the word "learn" is far narrower than it ought to be.

"The man who does not read is no better off than the man who cannot read."


Simpler "Hello World" Demonstrated In C 582

An anonymous reader writes "Wondering where all that bloat comes from, causing even the classic 'Hello world' to weigh in at 11 KB? An MIT programmer decided to make a Linux C program so simple, she could explain every byte of the assembly. She found that gcc was including libc even when you don't ask for it. The blog shows how to compile a much simpler 'Hello world,' using no libraries at all. This takes me back to the days of programming bare-metal on DOS!"

IDEs With VIM Text Editing Capability? 193

An anonymous reader writes "I am currently looking to move from text editing with vim to a full fledged IDE with gdb integration, integrated command line, etc. Extending VIM with these capabilities is a mortal sin, so I am looking for a linux based GUI IDE. I do not want to give up the efficient text editing capabilities of VIM though. How do I have my cake and eat it too?"

Canadian Blood Services Promotes Pseudoscience 219

trianglecat writes "The not-for-profit agency Canadian Blood Services has a section of their website based on the Japanese cultural belief of ketsueki-gata, which claims that a person's blood group determines or predicts their personality type. Disappointing for a self-proclaimed 'science-based' organization. The Ottawa Skeptics, based in the nation's capital, appear to be taking some action."

Comment Re:Success = skill + will + timing (Score 1) 357

It seems to me the lesson is that you not only need to be smart, but you need to be willing to do the work to find opportunities, and willing to act upon them. Also, you need to have a little luck to be in the right place at the right time.

Not to beat a very bad fanboi cliche to death, but Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Steve saw an opportunity to sell a computer to the masses in the 70s and kick start the personal computer market. Bill saw an opportunity to tie his DOS to the IBM PC when he saw more business people wanted the PC over an Apple II. Steve saw the opportunity to create a graphical UI after visiting PARC and find a way to sell it, but wasn't nearly successful this time, because conditions were not in his favor (thanks to Bill Gates well timed opportunity). Bill then copied Steve's project and used his previous well timed success to do what Steve didn't quite have the leverage to do, get the GUI out to the masses.

Also look at Steve recognizing the market for ripping and mixing CDs, and the coming of the MP3, to create a music player at the right time that's easy to use, and to come up with a marketing plan that made everyone want it.

Both these men have skills and experience I'll never have. But they'd be nothing if the opportunity didn't arise. They'd be even less if the opportunity did arise, and no one took advantage of it. They'd just be here like the rest of us pontificating on how some other guy is a genius or not, struggling to install their copy of Ubuntu or something.

I guess my point is that this isn't something entirely new. This sounds like another book about the butterfly effect, so I'm not sure how useful it would be, though I'm sure its interesting entertainment.

The thing is, we don't what would have happened if the opportunities presented to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates didn't pan out. They might have seized entirely different opportunities.

It's impossible to predict the future, and impossible to predict what would have happened in the past if something had happened differently.


Submission + - Paramount/Dreamworks Drops Blu-Ray (

Jthon writes: Today Paramount and Dreamworks have announced that they will be exclusively supporting the HD-DVD format and future titles will not be released on Blu-Ray. This came as a surprise to many in the industry as Blu-Ray had been outselling HD-DVD 2 to 1 for the first half of 2007.

Submission + - Paramount to dump Blu-Ray for HD DVD

An anonymous reader writes: Paramount and DreamWorks Animation Each Declare Exclusive Support for HD DVD. A press announcement was made this morning by Paramount Home Entertainment indicating that the studio will throw its entire weight behind HD-DVD starting August 28, abandoning Blu-Ray entirely. In plain English, this means that films like "Transformers" and "Shrek The Third" will come only to HD-DVD!

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